Plywood Subfloor Preparation for Hardwood Laminate Floor Installation How-to Mryoucandoityourself

Make your plywood subfloor preparation sorely: clean up all garbage from it. Do not leave even dust on the plywood subfloor if you plan to use glue down techniques.
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David Pierson says:

So I live in a double wide OSB flooring as I was ripping up the old floor a chunk of OSB came up with it, the chunk got swept away on clean up, can I fill it with epoxy or wood glue?

The Outdoor Adventure says:

What’s the tool called that you’re using to chisel the drywall out at hardwood level?

earthbound7711 says:

What attachment do you have on the grinder and what kind of sanding disk are you using?

Stefan M says:

I have watched many of your videos and wonder if your procedure with a grinder and diamond wheel works on OSB subfloor.

MrYoucandoityourself says:

It is 5-11A Dewalt grinder.
If you have lots of patience, better pull out all staples, because they make tons of sparkles and it is dangerous.
Here is the cheapest variant how to check your level:
Pull a rope across the room at floor level. If you see any gaps – here are the low spots. Check your level from different points of the room.
If you have more questions, please feel free.
Good luck in your project!

Sarah Brink says:

Hello. What kind of wheel are you using on your grinder? We are preparing our (previously covered with linoleum) wood subfloor for new flooring and like your technique. Thank you.

Shane Kelly says:

I have a 2nd level plywood subfloor with several high spots i need to grind down.  I have a 7″ ridgid R2010 i’d like to use but i think i’ll need a dust shroud and a double row blade.  Looks like about 200.00??? thats more than the grinder!!!

Any advice?

Frank Fitzgerald says:

Appreciate your effort, but wonder why you spend 2 minutes just to show someone grinding the subfloor? Wouldn’t 30 seconds have sufficed? Also, actual instruction by words would be nice.

Oram says:

Hey buddy, check your email I sent you some questions. Thank you

christschool says:

Is there an advantage of using an orbital sander over a belt sander for what you’re doing?

Bob O. says:

Fried my new DEWALT D28115 Heavy-Duty 4-1/2-Inch/5-Inch High Performance Grinder within the first 10 minutes of floor prep. Used a Dewalt 4/12 diamond double row bit. Started smoking then sparks. Removed wood beautifully prior to dieing on me. Thinking about trying a belt sander now.

mntengineer says:

What is the attachment on the 5 gallon bucket?  Looking for something like that and can’t find anything.

Brandon Wright says:

Will this grind off the staples left in the floor as well?

justtisha says:

Is that just a regular 7-10A disc grinder? Also, what kind of pad are you using? I am putting a piece of luan over the plywood subfloor. The subfloor has tons of staples stuck in it from when the old luan was pulled up. There was a water leak. I want to install click laminate flooring but I’m not sure how perfect the floor has to be.

Parketolog says:

Не первый раз вижу у Вас такой способ шлифовки. А если это 100 и больше кв.м. Почему не hummel? возможно дорогая аренда?

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