Plywood Flooring – An inexpensive alternative to hardwood floors (1)

Plywood flooring? Check out this inexpensive alternative to traditional wood flooring that you can do for half the cost. This is part one of this project, more to come soon!!!

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curious gee says:

You make it look so easy!! Great job.

Captain Everything says:

I had to stop listening because I couldn’t understand what you were saying with the ecco.

John Schultz says:

Nice jamb saw. Very cool floors. I laid HW floors for ten years. Big fan of the money saved here.

Patrick Radcliffe says:

Should have bought a router and did tongue and grove instead of face nailing.

Jennifer Cockrill says:

I watch a lot of DIY videos and they don’t always include this level of detail. Probably because they assume I know more than I actually know! Anyway, thanks for the details. The floor looks great. Or at least it did in 2015 🙂

Ricky Harrison says:

The vapor barrier isn’t to protect the subfloor OSB from liquid spills on final floor…..its to protect the finished wood flooring from ground water that could be evaporating from the crawl space in your homes foundation. Realistically, on additional floors other than the ground floor, a vapor barrier isn’t needed for wood/engineered/laminate flooring installation.

Charles Torruella says:

Next time use a router on the edges you can cut a tough and Grove and not have any nail holes at all but it still looks cool kinda of a good idea nice job

movonup says:

I did basically the same idea, except I used 7/16ths Lauan plywood which has a nice grain and cut them into 2′ X 2′ squares/tiles. I’ve also done them in 18″ X 6″ rectangles. I just wanted something inexpensive and different than the norm. Besides nailing down the tiles I used Liquid Nails plywood adhesive. After a light sanding, then i sealed with a nice hardwood polyurethane. They looked bitchen, and when other clients saw the floors it perpetuated more work. Simple, & outside the box.

Andrew Ellis says:

Clear flooring epoxy would make the grain pop and protect it!

Mr. B says:

This is a prime example of not knowing what you’re doing. You don’t cheap on floors unless you want to replace the every couple years. Plywood is not a suitable product to be walked and lived on. The veneer on the plywood you bought is very thin and your floors will be majorly scratched up in no time. Plywood is far too soft to be used as flooring. A cheap laminate would have been better than plywood..

Simon Hall Real Estate says:

This is how I decked my attic.. but with the 16 inch sections and lower priced woods.

Sleepy Coyote says:

doesn’t plywood have formaldehyde in it, that can leach into the air?

Adam Bradley says:

Hmmm… how to make this work on concrete slab….

Albert Gallardo says:

Ime surprised you didnt make toung and groove notches with your table saw. Also that you didnt nail the bourd from the side at an angle like it traditionaly is done. That floor will loosen. Great idea though.

John Trim says:


Justin Green says:

really for less than $1 per sq ft, it didn’t turn out too bad. fill the holes with color matched wood filler, stain it and clear coat. then it won’t be so bad. I wouldn’t do that in a house I planned on selling for profit, but it’s fine in a cottage, a kids bedroom, starter home or just to save money in some cases.

Rameel Yonadam says:

Seriously so many wrong things here. Home owners do not do this! Hire a professional and use proper flooring. This is not a good alternative.

MischievousKittie says:

oil base killz is what I used, to seal the osb before hand, felt then plywood. it helps seal, water prof, and mold protection

paradigm918 says:

you get what you pay for. i was in the business of accessing buildings and especially flooring. i hope folks viewing theses videos will understand 1) this is amateur workmanship and is pretty ugly to an experienced eye (like real estate agents)and will likely reduce the market value of the house

Jeff Waterman says:

Not to sound negative, but it just looks so weird, even when cut into planks. It’s the grain I think. I think you can actually get inexpensive plywood with other hardwoods. That might make it a little better looking. Thanks for posting though

aaron smith says:

that was pretty damn cool !

shonuffisthemaster says:

this is a good idea, but 5/8″ solid bamboo flooring can often be had for as little as $2 / sq ft, looks way better, is re-sandable / refinishable, and has a durable factory finish. plus its premade and ready to install. i think its a better inexpensive alternitive to the plywood floor here

Stiff Wood says:

Djeeeez,,, if i want an ugly floor I buy cheap pre-cut laminate,,, then I at least save time,,,, this is crap

Krystal Kemp says:

Awesome! We are going to try this in our bedroom! Thanks for posting!

Maya Zen says:

Beautiful. Gr8 job.

Jesse Schweizer says:

this is just making me laugh

chris macfadyen says:

Nice job bud, thanks for the idea I’m going to do this upstairs in my home. Thumbs up.

panhead1219 says:

Was SOO hoping that he would a nail through his toe. :/

old timer says:

Any way to save money is a good idea as long as you don’t sacrifice too much quality, this is an excellent idea ,after it is sanded and treated it’ll last a long time. Either way carpet sucks in my opinion, what a waste of money. Good job

pen mightygun says:

pine and commercial stains usually look like shit , i like to mix coffee and orange coolaid to make a stain for pine , then top it with anything thing because my stain is compatible . i never said my stains dont fade i never said they do either, the whole point of installing expensive wood floor is you can make it brand new in 10 -20 years by sanding and coating . you never rip up a wood floor

Edwin Serratos says:


Dan Boulanger says:

I did this using maple plywood as a temporary floor for my kitchen (original kitchen floor was carpeted and super gross) until we got around to gutting and renovating it… After about 3 years it had completely gone to shit and looked terrible. By the time I finally got around to gutting it, the plywood was in such rough shape I couldn’t believe someone didn’t end up with a splinter in the foot. It works, it’s cheap, but it’s also not going to last long before it needs to be replaced. We stained it and coated it with 6 coats of poly.

Katherine Wood says:

Any way to do this over a concrete floor?

Bruce Santelli says:

Angle stapler

Chris Davis says:

I love how everyone thinks they are expert, after reading a how to website, i thought the only way to learn was by doing something, like this man is, not pretending your a master at something you never did, you tube turned cry babies into experts in everything including crying! Good job! Looks good from my house!

Propane and propane accessories says:

Uses nail gun with no boots, not even shoes lol

h20islife jsaequ says:

man those boards are gonna warp bad. they are not interlocked and…’s plywood . humidity and temperature changes will be the culprit. look good for a couple of weeks.

Stephen Tresca says:

I install wood flooring. Did white pine floor recently. The plywood is a little harder but still kinda soft. He did a great job. Sanding the edges helped a lot. Maybe a little lighter stain but that’s a matter of taste. For the price of the wood it looks great.

J Gillespie says:

Should be wearing shoes pulling out carpet that plywood is only good for underlayment

Anne says:

That really is a great job. It will look great, for a short time…
Pine in the floor will get a hard time, I’ve seen that before.

KidCity Lynnwood says:

Love this, would like to try it myself one day. Is there a part 2 on the finishing?

Darlene Hopper says:

Looks awesome

Jim Fortune says:

Around here you can buy 3/4 in. oak plank flooring for the price of 3/4 in. good one side plywood. (OK, 20 mm)

DIY David says:

Great idea! Thanks for making the video. I feel like this is a life hack! Definitely something I will keep in mind! Thanks for sharing.

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