Novice Installs Bamboo Wood Floor

How to install a Supreme Bamboo hardwood hardwood floor from start to end from the perspective of a beginner.


dreamingcode says:

he said 35 hours in the video

sonic boom says:

Hi, Im gona guess & hope u aint in Canada. Cause 2 dollars a square ft. is very cheap for bamboo. Great deal. seeing crap low grade laminate goes for 99cents at a bargain price. So u paid a guy in a back alley late at night & he was also selling T.V’s  or that’s a great deal. Yeah yeah liquidators.

gallos12542 says:


itsabig says:

what isn’t explained in this video is that if you use standard 15 gauge cleat nails in bamboo, you’re almost guaranteed to have dimpling on the surface, which isn’t covered under warranty. use ONLY 18 gauge cleat nails!!!

SoCals Preps says:

great job, I was thinking about doing this myself, I have about 1300 sqft in our downstairs… Ill let the pros do it… would take me weeks, if not months to do on my own with what little free time i have. thanks for the lesson!

staykeen says:

Thank you for sharing this video, I’m going to do the work myself instead of contracting it out

mdlovin1 says:

Ultimately, a good job.  Putting this stuff down really isn’t that hard, especially if you have some mechanical ability (any type of practical engineer should be able to figure it out).  A few observations:

1.  The precision cuts at ~10:10 just take practice.  If the item you’re mitering around isn’t structural, I’d cut under it with a Dremel Multi-Max tool.  I’m guessing the stair stringer was structural.

2.  If the area you’re flooring is narrower than the board as in ~12:00, do NOT use consecutive pieces of total gap width.  It just doesn’t look right.  Use a full board followed by two pieces, then another full board.  Using consecutive pieces of equal width is referred to as a “ladder” and is a mistake in flooring.

3.  Your observation at ~8:40 is correct.  Because bamboo flooring is comprised of boards of equal length, it’s too easy to get your seams misaligned.  You need to start each row with a piece that is significantly different in length that any of the previous 4 rows for a nice random pattern.  Mistakes to avoid are (1) an “H” where every other board has seems that line up. On a floating floor, this compromises structural integrity as well, and (2) a “staircase” where the seams tend to form a staircase pattern.  on bamboo, any of these mistakes will be reproduced throughout the floor due to the common length of the boards.

James Vick says:

For prying against drywall, get a long piece of plywood, or a piece of engineered flooring that is thin enough to fit against the wall and still allow your pry bar in place.  Also, when you pry, rather than lifting the bar, which tend to pick the piece up, pull it toward you.

CaptBenSisko says:

thanks for posting this video! i have absolutely zero experience in installing flooring but i’m planning to learn and install some bamboo flooring myself. your experience makes me feel more confident in committing to a project like this.

Bear hunter says:

great job, good pointers and looks great

Nigel Ciappara says:

I’m a little late to the party seeing as this was posted years ago but GREAT JOB! Some of the “hater” comments are funny. Looks great and your video paced nicely.

Donald Knox says:

Good JOB….I actually feel better about doing it on my own!…Thank you

Matthew Brenengen says:

I just tar paper.

quickster4u2c says:

Flooring is junk and Lumber Liquidators is the worst.  Gaps and shrinks excessively.  Formaldehyde in the resin is 3.5 times over the legal limit.  I have this floor, followed all the guidelines and it was installed by their recommended installers.  Gaps all over!  So bad that you can see the padding.  Entire perimeter of one wall shrank over 2 inches but they say this is normal….lol.  What a joke this company is.  

Sàn tre Ali says:

Great job! Pls help to tell me what is the underlayment?

Antonio Servin says:
ajusmc85 says:

Great video. I just purchased some brazilian cherry bamboo wood flooring to put down and I was contemplating on doing it myself or hiring someone. It’s just the time factor for me but thank for the video

Artem Lebedev says:

Try to make it with woodprix plans 🙂

Cinnamon Kennedy says:

Very helpful thank you

Tennille Clayton says:

You did a great job!

Matthew Brenengen says:

You raise a good point that I never considered. I think because it is only about 5-6 boards long, it doesn’t make any difference, and I am sure no one ever thought about it, but if it were any longer, it would make sense to put a few joints in there to be consistent.

Kevin Tucker says:

Thanks for sharing your project. I’m about to start a bamboo floor tomorrow and this was worth the watch.

C B says:

How much did that cost

hawkesworth1712 says:

I’d rather have the floor just float.

Areausmg says:

LEFT audio only?

icawn says:

Hello. How do you like the appearance of full length boards in the small hallway? I chose to stagger down my hallway, even though it caused me extra waste. I thought it would look oddball if my hallway lacked the appearance of joints. I also did not consider flush floor vents, and regret not incorporating them instead of the drop in kind. The vents are $80 each from LL which is ridiculous, so I bought my own and am trying to match the stain myself.

Zorack10 says:

How long did it take you to do that room?

Carroll Jordan says:

ok where can I find a 18 g nail gun I just order Bamboo flooring  went to look around  to rent one but no one has 1 Help 

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