Installing Recycled Pallet Wood Flooring in Our RV

Today we show how we installed our recycled RV pallet wood flooring. It was quite the task but also an amazing learning experience. In our opinion, it has been the best part of our rv renovation so far!

Here are the steps we took get this project done:

1) We used a shop vac to clean up the dust and debris from the plywood subfloor
2) We used a staple gun to secure the foam underlayment to the subfloor.
3) We used wood glue and an air compressed nail gun (1 inch nails) to secure the pallet flooring together and also to the sub floor.
4) We used a wood filler to fill in any gaps, holes, or spaces in the flooring.
5) We sanded the floor twice. The first time we used 150 grit sandpaper and the second time we used 220 grit sandpaper.
6) We used a water based stain and a clear, non-toxic hard seal to put the final touch on the flooring.
7) We cut, stained, sealed, and installed ¾ inch quarter round throughout the RV.

Again, Thank you so much to Papa Justus, Nate, and Hickman High School for the amazing help in getting this project done.



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Michael + Jenny Justus



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scotttraubitz says:

So, after two years have you had any problems with your pallet wood flooring? Expansion/contraction , especially with the moving vehicle?

Timm Spencer says:

Why does it seem like you’re just reading a speech

Phil Lowman says:

Her stain looked many times better. Dark stained pine just looks fake , like that awful 70’s era so called rustic furniture. Its still a nice job tho.

foolish behavior says:

You two made it look so easy, I know it has to be pretty crazy.

RaBekka Santiago says:

I love this!!! I wish I was mechanically inclined…

She's Out There says:

That floor is flat gorgeous!!!

volfan1nga says:


Cleve Wilks says:

what color stain did you wind up using

Tom Smith says:

I’m re-watching these videos as I’m taking a stab at a mock up for my pending project. I like the idea of just going clear coat only, so I’m going to do both cherry and natural and see what happens. Thanks for the tip/idea.

Debra Machen says:

This is the most amazing DIY video I’ve seen yet! Thank you for your detailed instructions. Great job!

Mary Mann says:

The flooring turned out so beautiful and I love the wood stain too! I was wondering, when you started off with the “subfloor” is that the original flooring that came with your rv? Did you have to rip anything up to begin with?

Julie Schnatterly says:

So – I hate the carpet in our Winnebago. Our business involves the use of pallet wood – so I have *bookoo* (this is a technical term) amounts of pallet wood. Here is the thing – our 1998 Winnebago Adventurer has a slide. I don’t know if pallet wood will work with a slide. Any thoughts?

LA5150 says:

It’s great to see such a young couple working so well together. You guys are good role models. And the floors look awesome:)

Vscar J says:

Happy Mike happy life?

david ben Joseph says:

I have a question.  How much weight did the hardwood floor add to the RV?  Thanks

melinda Lancaster says:

awesome job

ML V says:

Should have used the table router to tongue and groove the wood slats.

Mystical Makings says:

Hey guys! Love that floor. Considering doing the same thing. But why would it matter if the original wood is pressure treated or not? If youre sealing it at the end doesnt it, well, seal it?

Robert O'Connor says:

Pallet wood is usually oak or another heavy dense wood not suitable for weight saving floor required in an RV…. but I have never seen the thin wood you call “pallet wood” was it run thru a planer many times?

Soren Johnson says:

Absolutely fantastic video! Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Sean McAleavy says:

I watched the entire video and it is confirmed that Jenny is hot. You got lucky dude!

Hank Moody says:

That looks baller. A ton of work tho


Pull the filter off of the sander and put the vacuum hose in it

Ronda says:

We love your floors! I’ve been impressed that you never do a hurry up job or cut corners.

J. Dana Clark says:

Looks even better then I expected. good work.

Projects for Creative Minds says:

Awesome video guys, thanks for sharing, peace and love from the UK 🙂

ksvensen says:

You are truly a lucky man

Doe Eyes says:

Outstanding!!!!! I’m trying to convince my husband to let me use pallet wood for my all new rustic kitchen countertops. He’s not with me yet on using these but I’m not giving up!! I’m going to combine different widths and woods for a beautiful look. Sand the rough parts cut out the sink opening and stain. I’m going to use several countertop epoxy coats to get a level surface and polish to a mirror like shine!

Terri Lynn says:

Michael and Jenny, we are completely renovating an old bumper pull and I have enjoyed your detailed how to videos immensely! Thank you for all your time and effort to publish these videos!
We want to do pallet flooring as well, and so want to know how yours is holding up at this time as well. Are you still happy with that flooring decision? What thickness did you plane your pallet wood to? What thickness subfloor did you lay? What size nails did you use?
I hope to hear from you soon, as our carpenter friend is trying to talk us out of this and doing vinyl (yuck!)

Sean McAleavy says:

Jenny is hot!

Jan van Dijk says:

Super cool guys! Do you have any estimate on the weight?

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