How to Repair a Bad Flooring Joint

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Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva repairs a piece of wood nosing that was poorly installed and resulted in a bad joint.

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Time: 1-2 hours

Cost: $20

Skill Level: Moderate

Tools List for Repairing a Bad Flooring Joint:
Reciprocating saw
Nail pulling pliers
Track saw
Mortising machine

Shopping List:
Wood glue
Construction adhesive
16d nails
Floating tenons
1. Use a dull chisel to lift the nosing slightly to allow room for a reciprocating saw blade. Use the saw to cut the nails that hold the nosing and then remove the nosing.
2. Pull the nails from the board, then scrape any old adhesive or filler off the nosing.
3. Lay a straight edge on the widest gap on the flooring and then use a track saw or circular saw to cut all the flooring evenly.
4. For the area where the saw blade can’t reach, chisel out the floor boards so they’re flush with the other boards.
5. Check the fit of the nosing.
6. Mark lines on the nosing and the floor boards for the location of mortises and cut them on both surfaces with a mortising machine.
7. Use wood glue to install the floating tenons into the mortises of the nosing.
8. Apply construction adhesive to the subfloor under the nosing and wood glue along the edge of the flooring.
9. Bring the nosing in, line up the tenons with the mortises on the floor, and slowly tap the nosing in place with a hammer.
10. Once the floor joint is tight, secure the nosing in place with 16d nails.

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Dom Moflia says:

Id love to do an hours worth of work for 15,000 dollars of festool tools lol

purplekillerpenguin says:

Toms the best

kbthedevil says:

should have grooved the entire ledge and then dominoed every board. now it can only moved between Dominos resulting in buckle.

D Burroughs says:

They should rename this show to “Ask Tommy”

John Patrick says:

Look how easy it is to fix…with tools nobody can afford. Great DIY video guys. Cmon, man.

Anthony D says:

how did you fasten the guide while you made the cut?

Jason C. says:

Floor is way better looking now.

daquilema2011 says:

she is so so beautiful

cyclesingsleep says:

…fantastic work & love the mix of old school and new: Festool Track Saw, Domino…then standard trim nail & nail set : P : )

Jay Sybrandy says:

Isn’t this just like bread board ends, what about when the boards expand?

ntstudio28 says:

I love watching Tommy! He’s so slick.

Dave Scott says:

Women left on their own accord would be living in cardboard boxes, and thanks to feminism, this is coming to a city near you, lol.

Daniel Sainz Zavala says:

“It wasn’t even that hard to do”. You only need to spend like +3k USD in the right tools and equipment they used Kate, then it is easy.

Rey Del Rosario says:

Very nice tools

Jose Herrera says:

They make a product call slip tongue that you and use to joint together

Charles Martel says:

Moral of the story is…… Nothing is impossible if you don’t have to do it yourself!

Domenico Campanaro says:

the festool plunge saw was a con as it dont go to the wall and he just chiselled a perfect line No Way !! and there is no need to glue tenant bits pva and at he end he just smashes in a nail, is he having a laugh. typical american rubbish vid as normal

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What are the chances the track saw fits so perfect between those walls? 3:07

Kyle Ludwig says:

Wish I could afford $2000 worth of Festool lol

Audittchick says:

Anybody know who makes the pliers he is using to pull the nails?

optimusprimo2012 says:

At 5:58 tommy nails it!

Chris Topher says:

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