How to Remove a Vinyl Floor and Plywood Subfloor – This Old House

Uncovering a beautiful hardwood floors with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva. (See below for tools.)

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Tools for Removing a Vinyl Floor and Plywood Subfloor:
– wood chisel
– wide putty knife
– flat pry bar
– long-handled floor scraper
– impact driver
– detail sander
– wet/dry vacuum
– toekick saw, for cutting through underlayment around kitchen cabinets
– multi-tool and flush-cutting blade, used to cut areas missed by the toekick saw
– drum floor sander
– dust mask or dual-cartridge respirator

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dan Alexander says:

Mr Dan Handy man

Justin Bilyj says:

why not just use the oscillating saw instead of using both that and the toe kick saw?

jeff meyers says:

Dont try this at home…………LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Lorenzo says:

Make it look too easy

Zaheer Jabbar says:

That guy choose the easy floor for demonstration. We need to see the tough back-breaking floors.

Nun Urbuisness says:

I will never understand why people covered up hard wood floors. my home has buetiful hard wood floors covered by carpet why. I’m planing on taking out that nasty carpets and refinishing the floor

Tonya Gordon says:

why did people cover wood floors years ago? was it the thing to do?

HelloImMrMarr says:

I’m doing this now in our kitchen… complete crap show… this lady was lucky.  Mine is half mortared over so I can’t find the screws/nails in half of the floor, the rest of it is nailed/screwed every 3-6 inches (with really no patterning at all) which makes it super difficult to cut with a circular straw in a straight line without making sparks.  After that, I have the pleasure of digging underneath it with a prybar with all of my might to take peices off…. basically took me 3 hours to remove a 5 x 2 foot strip.  90 more feet to go! lol

XboxGamet And says:


san379 says:


krn14242 says:

Would love to see how much work it takes to get this hardwood cleaned up and finished.

Anne Gray says:

Did they check for asbestos

creep life says:

That floor is f****in 1 week old lol, or whoever made it sucks.

Charles Damery says:

She got lucky, I’ve seen a lot worse.

Jason Becker says:

It pains me to know someone would put that ugly ass floor on top of that beautiful wood floor.

Lore En says:

no mention of asbestos. be careful with old flooring people.

John Smith says:


MortuisRex says:

Fucking Yankees …there’s no r in saw. Lmao

Jogo g says:

Tommy you teamed up with a hot piece this time

West Coast Roofer - Roofing and Roof Repair says:

This guy is a pro!

Anne Gray says:

Did they check for asbestos

Anne Gray says:

Thats looks like a nice kitchen why on earth didn’t the floor get done then

Jacob W says:

The house im working on had the tiles have sticky tar-like glue stuck on the luan.. Got to rip up the luan and its nailed down.. Can not scrape without hitting a nail every 4 inches.. Making life a lot harder than it needs to be

ManofChrist101 says:

Yuck! Look at the gaps between the floor boards. I’d’ve left it as is!

Lou Wesely says:

These shows make it look so easy. I call BS. Nothing is this easy. Especially in my life! LOL

rehbornb1 says:

What’s a sar? ;)))))

john vonburg says:

WHY CUT TWICE? JUst use the Oscillatinfg saw to start with and cut once?

daisy ortiz says:

what if he floor underneath is no longer level? what do you do then? get new subfloor material and cover it all up again?

Bardia Ghajari says:

who the hell designed that kitchen.


I think mine was glued down with a glue Superman brought to earth. I needed to heat mine.

Stephen McAllister says:

i wonder how he spells Roberta

Maxid1 says:

I’ve got video of what I found under my kitchen floor. I wasn’t quite this lucky.

Will Chu says:

I have 1/4 inch plywood under linoleum full sheet. Under the plywood there is hardwood. I think there is asbestos under linoleum but am not sure. What is the best way to remove it all? Anyone? Thanks

Stephanie Moreira says:

tom you crafty son of a gun

aadoublea says:

Bahhhhh hahaha why waste time showing us a video of this? Any idiot could remove these tiles and plywood! Why don’t you show us how you remove tiles that are actually stuck on and plywood that is nailed(NOT SCREWED) into hardwood planks every eight inches. Show me an easy way to do that, and I’ll be impressed.

1catmac says:

How do you know if its the tile that has asbestos or not?

Mr Geronimo says:

It’s a SAW, Tommy. Not a sar.

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