How to Prep Subfloor for Hardwood

Learn how to prepare subfloor before installing wood floors. Subfloor needs to be clean, dry, level, and structurally sound. Find detailed instructions here:

Watch how to install hardwood flooring, here:

Or, learn how to choose your flooring first:

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Vic da G says:

Any underlayment recommendations for sound insulating understand for 3/8″ nail-in solid hardwood flooring? Only recommendation I see is the 15lbs black paper and that’s moisture barrier only.

Nate Nathaniel says:

Hi, I saw that Lowes recommended roofing felt. Is there any concerns I should have , a flooring company used roofing felt from United Roofing felt company (its basically all the same stuff) ,it had a California cancer sticker on.I realize everything in California causes cancer. Basiclly I’m asking is there any concerns like with gassing off or other chemical issues with air quality having roofing felt inside your home since its made to be outside Any help would be highly appreciated .Thank you

Možná Blbec says:

ok super

Spiny Norman says:

The felt paper for build up on low spots is a very interesting idea. Do you have another video going into detail about this?

Anthony Tran says:

in which situations are subfloors required?

Bill Paliwoda says:

You did not mention that OSB subfloors (show in the video) should be overlayed with 1/4″ – 3/8″ plywood when installing solid hardwood so that the nails hold better. From the research I’ve done, OSB by itself will not hold the nails tight over time.

Jarryd Hamilton says:

hey Lowe’s can you install bamboo floating floor over existing laminate flooring in a kitchen

Cecia Morales says:
Michelle C says:

Can a locking floating engineered hardwood floor be installed over an existing glued down engineered hardwood floor (glued to the concrete slab).

highster says:

Plywood sub floor is not needed. Apply 3/4″ solid hardwood flooring right over the floor joists. Ask any carpenter from the 1920’s!

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