How to lay flooring part 5: finishing touches & maintenance

Watch our step-by-step video showing how to lay laminate or solid wood flooring, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

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Part 4: Laying Tongue & Groove Solid Wood

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bandq says:


Please can you resubmit any questions to our dedicated help desk using or official Facebook page – unfortunately at present this area is not maintained as a Q&A device & we’d love to see you in our other areas where we can offer help & inspiration for all your home improvement & garden needs.

Many thanks
The Social Team.

Lakshmi Venkat says:

How to install on a cement wall.

Jackson Mwaura says:

Hi your videos are very helpful, how do you finish a transition on doors facing outside

XavierFPS says:

so need need for a construction glue on the floor pieces?

adnan raja says:


zmoullan86 says:

hi,what is the name of this tool you use to cut the edging wood to a 45 degree angle ?thanks

Robert Swift says:

installed wrong..trim on the wall is suppose to be removed,,not trim on top of trim..just saying if you want real quality

Cutejeansboy says:

thank you so much…this is very helpful video

IanRM says:

Great videos. Glad I have found you. Watching them is going to help a lot. (Subscribed)

Dianna A says:

when you glued the blase trim, the glue part went to or on flooring or baseboar?

Jason Sawatsky says:

Nice Panerai…

Ice Breaker says:

Overall, how long did it take to do all that?

Dianna A says:

base board

Ethel Brown says:

You have the best videos I have seen so far on this topic. Thank you so much!

Aditya Jandhyala says:

nice prsentation

michael Atkinson says:

Thank you bnq for the step by step videos of this really needed it the first time I have ever layed a flooring

irene Moralde says:



Great job! I am tackling this project now. I hope It turns out as well as yours! ………Joe

Jayes SS says:

if the bottom of the skirting stuck out in a roundish style therefore not being able to sit the beading flush with the skirting board, what would be the easiest was to solve this?

hoseyn kermajani says:

Thanks, it was great

Handyjack says:

So, nothing boards to do with laying floor Boards then!

Christian Dutton says:

Hi, so do you not glue or secret nail hardwood floor? Wouldn’t the floor move ? Thank you

Glory Expressed says:

This helped me so very much

BlockABoots says:

They say to use 10-15mm for expansion gap yet the trim you get is barely wide enough to cover a 15mm expansion gap. To be honest here in the UK it doesn’t get no where near hot enough for the flooring to expand any amount at all and probably 10mm would be ample

CNU Leader says:


Mateusz Woloszczuk says:

I’m doing my floor at the moment and when cutting a board I’ve cut too short and have ended up with an expansion gap of around 15-17mm, is this too much? Should I cut a new board?

Mike Pearce says:

Shes a great actor, she shud be in corrie

insert cool name says:

Luv the girl’s accent. What part of England is that accent from?

Donivan Norton says:

Nice Panerai time piece.

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