How to Install Wood Floors with Tongue & Groove (Hidden) Screws

In this video I show you how to screw new floor boards down so that the SCREWS ARE HIDDEN! – using Tongue-Tite screws.

Today’s Tool Kit
– Electric screwdriver – not essential but desirable
– Tongue-Tite Screws (3.5mm x 45mm pack of 200 screws). Best place to get these is Screwfix. Google “Tongue-Tite Screws” for the link

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Charlie DIYite


Neil Burke says:

So glad I saw this video. I imagine these would make also removing the floor easier should the need arise, as you would likely damage the flooring removing flooring nails

No Name says:

I wish someone would tell the people who are renovating my neighbor’s house about these; it sounds as if a gun fight is going on on the other side of the wall. They might not be able to ship them all the way from the UK, but they could just as easily use square-head trim screws that they sell everywhere. The finish is not as nice, but I suspect that any conditions in which that would matter would turn a wood floor to mush anyway. I thought of doing this years ago after the guy from lumber liquidators said I could just glue the new floor over the old one; he was wrong and I was putting trim screws in left and right to quiet the floor down; once it settled in, it was fine though. So, when I do my downstairs floors (my 40 year old beige carpeting refuses to die), I’ll just use one trim screw in the middle of each plank; they’re only 5/16″, so it won’t take much to keep them down.

Zed Man says:

Nice but a bugger when you need to lift a board up as you have to slide through the tounge and groove and it just don’t sit right after!

mainegeek says:

Thanks for the video. I didn’t know about Tongue-Tite screws. I don’t expect you to know but why does the US not have Tongue-Tite nails? I am stuck drilling pilot holes with my right angle drill and driving 6d finish nails! I would prefer to screw down the end boards before having to face nail.

Mark Eccles says:

Superb video! Was researching into a cheaper alternative than buying/hiring tools. Stumbled across this, I will do exactly the same now!

Romelia Polly says:

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Kesha Borja says:

Awesome solutions for wooden project is woodprix.

Anon Smith says:


Gary Arnold says:

Might be a daft question, but what happens at the last board? How do you get the angle?

Robert Conroy says:

Thanks from the US for posting Charlie–never thought about using screws vs nails. We have the here under different names. If for an inside application would you think the screw material would matter?–thanks again

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