How to Install Solid Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring installation is a big project, but you can install solid hardwood floors yourself to save money with this step-by-step video. Find more detailed instructions here:

Before you get started, watch how to prep your subfloor:

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a 7 says:

Hi. I’m in the process of a DIY install of 2.25in hickory over plywood subflooring, using red rosin underlayment, 2in hardwood nails with a flooring nailer. I used a 2in – 18 gauge brad nailer for the first 2 rows. Problem is, only a half dozen rows in and I notice squeaks when I walk over it. The plywood is kinda old but seems to be in good shape, moisture content difference is about 2-3% between the floor and subfloor. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this issue? I’m thinking it may be a gap between the floor and subfloor that is causing the issue but I’d like to hear if anyone else with more knowledge has any advice. Thanks.

goodcat1982 says:

you don’t need an expansion gap if you are nailing it down. It’s not going to move if it’s nailed?

Junah Birchwater says:

What are the pros and cons of using a hammer and nail set over a nail gun? I have a brad nail gun, which I assume is good enough?

zyad abdelsamad says:

What kind of wood is this , what color is this wood ? @lowes and where can I find it ? Is it on your website ?

איתן הינדי says:

I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that from u to get suitable answers for my questions.

gracie gordon says:

Won’t the wood putty stand out because of the grain lines in the wood floor?

Coco Patterson says:

I wish there was a link for the nail gun. I didn’t see one? :/

Charles Mowa says:

OK I guess I’ll just call my carpenter

Jessica Strand says:

id like to learn home renovations, but all of this lingo went way over my head lol

Tarek Taher says:

is there another alternative tool other than a nail gun. is it possible to do it manually nailing?

Diane Strain says:

That was EXCELLENT! Thank you!!!!!

The Home & Garden Pros says:

Agreed that you need to spend the money on a decent nail gun or it would take a very long time.

kevin xu says:

i have been told to install solid timber floor. you need to glue and nailed it.
in this video only nailed . its right way to install or wrong?

SerKikoSmore says:

Can we get a average joe version?

Don Powell says:

Help Help…more help- My sub floor moisture is 7% but the actual floor that will be installed in 0%. It has not been acclimated yet. I read there should be more than 4% variance…. While 7% is normal for subfloor- What am I suppose to do if the top floor is 0%???

Taha Khan says:

how do you put wood back into place

jonntischnabel says:

What’s the point of an expansion gap if you’ve nailed it all in place!?

mach smith says:

what is that paper underlayment?

Daniel Coching says:

i want to match my wood flooring in my living room, i have a sample, can lowes match this color

Taly Nicole says:

My dad wants my sister and I to install wood flooring on our own to save money and he made it seem so easy but after seeing this video, i think its better to pay for the service lol

esterfam1621 says:

the only things I saw was 1, the underpayment should not have been up against the wall, there should have been a 3/8″ gap, and 2 if you’re going to use quarter round then you shouldn’t need putty if you nail the boards on the edges because the trim would hide the holes. 3, I’d glue the grooves of the last rows where the gun wouldn’t fit instead of face nailing them. Other than that, thumbs up

Tarek Taher says:

is there a nail gun that doesn’t require air?

kashif ali says:

Thanks for all of you …. We learn many thing from your ideas

Christian Brindle says:

does Lowe’s rent out any equipment?

GeneralMartinus says:

IF wood peices are warped, why would I buy it?  This video basically just tells consumers “Yeah, we threw some warped boards in there, deal with it.”

Nun Urbuisness says:

this doesn’t look hard at all

bamabenz2000 says:

In the PLAN & PREP portion of the video, these four words are used to describe brand-new boards…PRE-installation! Now, as a consumer, please tell me why I should accept, much less pay for, a bad, damaged, or defective product. If I were buying ceramic tiles or brick pavers, and some of them were found to be broken, chipped or cracked, I would exchange or return them for new, first-quality product. Why does this same standard of quality not apply to hardwood flooring?

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