How To Install Solid Hardwood Flooring With Hand Tools – White Oak Floors Woodworking the Hard Way

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How To Install Solid Hardwood Flooring With Hand Tools. I chose to install my new white oak hardwoods floor with all hand tools. I do not suggest others do that, but I love a good challenge and it was so worth it to me. This is white oak solid Hardwood flooring. the planks are all 3″ wide and range from 6″-72″ long. it is all tong and grove flooring. it is installed with an eggbeater hand drill to predrill the holes through the tong. then it is nailed in place with finish nails and the nails are set just sub flat with a nail set.

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jasantiagomd says:

Great Job James. Did that pesky right handed drill gave you some trouble? What no hand rubbed BLO? It looks fabulous.

Dan The Maker Man says:

You are an absolute BEAST!!!

Brian Prusa says:

You crazy. #running50kmakesyoucrazy

r s says:

Thats sadistic bro. save the hand tools for the shop. could have been done in 15% of the time. crazy

Jim Thomas says:

You should get a pair of knee pads. I don’t think I could do a floor without them these days.

Micah Deffries says:

A bit crazy and 100% awesome.

Tomy Hovington says:

TOTALLY INSANE!!! Kudos to you man!!!

Beau Owens says:

Beautiful job, James!

John Buerger says:

All I can say is wow!  I used an  air nailer and felt it was a lot of work.  Your one tough dude.

Deby Brooke says:


Carbonite Gamorrean says:

1st Hope ya did well @ your run/race thingy. 2nd Some of those nice fancy pieces you pointed out – I think I personally would have wanted to save those for other things, like tools and boxes and and and and . . . . .

Dan Fuller says:

Looks great but…you’re nuts!

Данил Евстегнеев says:

Отличная работа! Молодец! Good job!

Sapele Steve says:

Prior to watching this video, I had given you the benefit of doubt about the degree of your sanity. Now I can honestly say that you are definitely freaking NUTS!! I can’t believe that you installed that flooring using hand tools. I have to admit that you did a terrific job, for a crazy person that is………… 🙂

John Fithian-Franks says:

Hi James, Are you left handed by any chance as the way you hold your egg beater suggested that you are. My son is left handed and he struggles to use some of my tools, but comes in real handy when trying to nail into some places that I just cannot get to. You really are a glutton for punishment hand nailing and setting all those nails, but the job will look beautiful in the end.

Jeff Kerr says:

FINALLY wearing some real work SHOES. Good job on the floor. I have put down my share with a nailer, never a pneumatic one. Looking forward to seeing you plane it. Great Video James.

Thomas Russell says:

Oh God, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE film hand planing a floor. Oh, the shavings, the shavings. If you don’t have the song “I’m in Heaven” playing in the background, I’ll be just a bit disappointed.
So, putty in the cracks and crevices? Or let it ride and let the water-lox fill as much as possible?

hmmmm says:

why didnt you use a manual nailer?

Pale Dog Tool Co. says:

I’m so excited to see that floor covered in shavings! It will be kind of be the woodworkers ball pit 😉

JoshL says:

Is that epoxy I see in the corner? Filling some voids perhaps?

Donny Carter says:

Dude… You’re CRAY CRAY! 😉

Opa's Workshop says:

Beautiful work James. And you are indeed crazy to do that with just hand tools but it was worth the effort Bravo my friend.

Chris Cunicelli says:

You are definitely a better man then me!

Michael Anderson says:

James, I’m afraid you were a bit crazy to undertake this job by hand, and now you must be more than a bit! I can’t quite imagine what condition you’ll be in following hand planning. It’s obviously too late to save your sanity but at least wear knee pads! Please don’t worry about me, I’ll be watching 🙂

franco godoy says:

Wao. Really extreme work and perfect

Cyrille Velez says:

I did mine by hand too, not so big deal….imagine in the room the stuff you need with power tools….and try to move in this room, and clean it!

Midnight Woodworker says:

Hey!! Love your work!! I’ve been trying to talk my self into buying a decent woodworking vice.. do you recommend buying a new “cheapish” vice, or should I buy an old vintage one (if so, what brand is decent)

Peter Karpovich says:

Yup the guys in the white coats are on the way buddy LOL very nice great job

Ian Enderby says:

You are a wonderfully crazy man!!

Adam Abou-Youssef says:

Very nice. In my house, the air returns have a white oak grid covering them. It has a nice appearance and is flush with the floor rather than a raised metal cover.

Also, I take it this will be you?

Corey Erickson says:

What kind of nail and size did you use? I’m getting ready to do this in a small hallway in my house.

Jackman Works says:

You’re totally nuts…
I love it 😀

Michael Kieweg says:

You’re a Mad Man! I have to ask, if you ever plan on moving….

Peter Compton says:

And you have a certificate to prove your insanity ;0

Jim Dockrell says:

That is a lot of work. Have you considered seeking help for your affliction? lol.

Making Stuff says:

Amazing, are you adding the same floor to the other rooms??

Joe Dov says:

Great Job James.Hand drilling an entire floor OMG.

Make Brooklyn says:

Dude! That is both awesome and completely nuts.

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