How to Install Prefinished Hardwood Floor: Glue Down Technique DIY Mryoucandoityourself

In this video you’ll find some tips and answers to the question how to install prefinished hardwood floor using glue-down techniques.
– Bostik Best flooring glue –
– Dewalt Miter Saw –
– Dewalt Table Saw –
Canon T5i –

Favorite tools:
– Milescraft FeatherBoard –
– Router Table –
– Dewalt Miter Saw Crown Stops –
– Pin Nailer 23-Gauge –
– Dewalt 18 Ga nail gun –
– Dewalt 16 Ga nail gun –
– Dewalt circular saw –
– Compressor –
– Compressor hose –
– Festool 36 Auto Clean Vacuum –
– Makita Jig Saw –
– Makita Cordless Tool Kit –
– Laminate cutter –
– Rubber Mallet –
– Rockwell Versacut Saw –
– Fein Multimaster –
– Undercut Saw –
– Angle Grinder –
– Sliding T-Bevel –
– Hot Glue Gun –
– Adhesive Gun –
– Construction Adhesive –
– Wood Glue –
– Tongue and Groove Glue –
– Heavy-Duty Utility Knife –
– Duct Tape –
– Scotch Masking Tape –
– Clamp –
– Water Based Spray –

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wasinphilly says:

Is it the same technique for a plywood subfloor??

hotmoon226 says:

Thank you. I am going to glue down unfinished raw wood directly on basement concrete floor 🙂

SGT RAM says:

Nice video. What brand of glue did you use?

gerard hurley says:

probably a dumb question ,but can you glue timber flooring to an already tiled floor

Igor Pozhar says:

How can you clean glue off when it’s dry ?
Week or 2 later ?

steven sutton says:

This is a very good video. If someone were to get some of that adhesive on the surface of the wood. How would you recommend removing it?

Mark P says:

Wonder if it hurts when he hits his hand with that hammer. Lol.

James Salter says:

Looking for practical advice on a topic that is apparently not normally found. Or at least I can’t find anything. What I will describe may be unusual, but is it possible to get good results, and what are the factors that must be attended to?

An Atlanta area NWFA member/contractor is willing and ready to install 1500 SF of 3/4″ x 4-3/4″ T&G prefinished solid Acacia directly on my existing white oak floor, by gluing and stapling. The desire is to avoid removing the old Oak, which involves cutting out where some remodeled walls rest on the Oak.

– Main floor is joists over a dry basement, with original 3/4″ plywood subfloor
– Half the main floor is still covered with original 3/4″ x 2-1/4″ white oak, 18 years old. The original Oak appears flat, stable, and does not show gaps even in winter.
– The other half was carpet, which was recently replaced with TruFlor 3/4″ T&G OSB, thoroughly screwed down.
– So the old oak and new OSB are flush where they meet in various places
– The goal is to cover the entire main floor in 3/4″ x 4-3/4″ Acaia, over the Oak and OSB
– The NWFA contractor claims to have experience successfully doing this  😮 

– rough sand through the old finish on the oak to promote glue adhesion
– Install Acacia over white oak and TruFlor OSB using urethane glue AND staples into Oak (and OSB)
– Maintain same orientation of the wider Acaia over the narrower Oak

– Is there any way this can come out good, and what will it take?
– Where can I get reliable information about doing this, and detailed explanations?  🙄 
– Will it be possible to drive staples into the old white oak?  😈 
– What can go wrong, and why?  😡 
– Will the glue help assure a solid installation?

Thank you for your thoughtful advice!
James in Marietta, Georgia

Irshard Thowfeek says:

What’s the expansion gap required for 20 mm thick solid wood?

Conextion AJ says:

Hi,enjoyed the video,just wondering what type of glue did you use.Was wondering if it was very liquidy..Looking for more liquid than average glue.Any suggestions.Thank you

Karla Gage says:

I love these wood floors. What are they?

Dennis Cebu says:

after laying 25 years of all kinds of wooden floors, this is the most idiot way of starting to lay a floor I have seen. You always start with this kind of floor on the longest wall. Not in the center! Center work is for fishbone or other high quality flooring but not this simple floor.

clubdoc says:

The 1/2 in. Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring I am installing by glueing, says to install across the direction of the floor joists (perpendicular). The dimensions of the room are 13 x 22 and I want to run the boards the short direction (same as joist direction) for several reasons. The joists are 2×12 pine and 16″ on center. The sub floor is AdvanTech Flooring 23/32 CAT PS2-10 Tongue and Groove OSB Subfloor (glued with PL400). Directions want me to add an additional 1/2 OSB which I find unnecessary as this new construction seems very very solid. Also using the same glue as you. Finally, great video and expertise and explanation for starting in the middle. Thanks in advance, Kevin

Win du says:

my first day on the job was terrible, teach meee!!!

Brandon Ohara says:

I do this for a living lol

Dustin Whitten says:

Lol I was wondering about the importance of different colors of masking tape?

Michael Caponnetto says:

One last question, should I un bundle the engineered wood a few days before laying it down.  or should it stay wrapped up until in intend to lay it down?  I had a contractor friend tell me that it should stay bundled until I intend to use it.  I am bringing the wood in to the room about three days before I intend to lay it down.

Michael Caponnetto says:

Thanks for you quick response. Keep up the great website you provide courage for the DIY people like myself.

Richard Campanaro says:

I noticed you laid that long board (3rd or fourth strip) based on positioning of the seams from other lines.Is that because this brand uses varied board lengths? Do you also use that method with uniform-length boards?

TIG57 says:

Very cool.  You make this look way to easy!!  Great video.

Henry Perez says:

Is your name reno, bc your ass backwards on flooring. You should of used the hot glue gun to install the flooring then i would of believed you were a wood installer.

dough537 says:

Thank you for making this video us on your techniques. I have installed a floating laminate floor, but now I am going to install my first glue-down engineered hardwood floor. I certainly understand the need for holding the freshly-laid boards with masking tape, but I don’t know why you recommend white tape for higher quality flooring and blue painter’s tape for lower quality flooring. Why the difference?

Jayson Tabia says:

What is the finish of your surface? is it a concrete slab? how do you manage to make your hard wood floors even? are they Tongue and Groove? thanks

SJ says:

how do you clean up the glue that gets on the floor?  We had a guy come isntall 1400sf of floor and it’s got all kinds of little spots with glue stains..

Michael Caponnetto says:

I’m about to lay down a Garrison II Walnut 9/16 X 5″ 4mm floor in the master bedroom with a friend that is a finished carpenter by trade.  He has done these floors in the past and recommends putting the glue directly on the floor as you do and also throwing in a few staples for good measure.  Is this necessary or can we forgo the staples?  The sub floor is plywood and it is relatively new (10years) and flat.  The manufacturer recommends either glue, nail or float.  Is there some combination of glue and nail that works?

eazeetarget says:

It looks easy because it is easy. If you can measure and cut, anyone can do it.

Olo Bolo says:

Hi 🙂 If I do my hardwood floor using this techniques (glue + mask tape + breaks) can I walk on this floor before glue will be dry? Someone told me I can’t step on floor next 24 hours because i will make gaps between planks. On this movie I saw you’re walking on new floor instantly after flooring 🙂
And I would like you ask about hardwood floor – tiled floor (bathroom) transition. Can I connect them tight and leave gap on other side like you did it on your another movie hardwood-marble transition?

PBS #007 says:

no explanation very poor demo, the worst i have seen

Brandon Ohara says:

it’s a good trade to learn

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