How to install (nail down) unfinished hardwood floors

We installed this red oak unfinished hardwood floor in Ellenwood, Ga, in June 2012. The wood is a 3/4 inch thick and 3 1/4 inches wide. After the sub-floor is prepared and the felt paper is laid down you need to nail/staple the hardwood to the sub-floor. The next step would be refinishing the unfinished hardwood floor. Finish the project with needed transitions and shoe molding along the baseboard.
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RangerDick81 says:

Why is he worried about not scratching an unfinished floor jim tribou? You fuckwad!

pat rexyboy says:

I would not let him near my flooring

Gustavo Braolli says:


toto wolf says:

Everyone has an opinion…cleat spacing looks fine to me…you can’t expect every single one to be dead on…so many diy pro know it alls

Gecko says:

Not about speed

Uttam Tirunagari says:

do you stain it when you put a unfinished hardwood? how hard is that?

YoungZFromDenver youngzfromdenver says:

he’s ok im way faster lol

Julian Faro says:

thats good wood

luiz santos says:

you put a shoe-molding to cover the gap

marco Piluso says:

Haha this guys not even holding the hammer right , hold it near the end , let the hammer do the work , u wont have to swing that hard , and make sure the short ends are closed , its better for the sander wont have to fill it with wood filler. this guy was so tired after that little run..

Ryan Grondin says:

good job..

Kenjoneslee says:

Wow…very fast.  It just took me 3 weeks to lay 200 square feet of 2.25 unfinished select red oak.  My back is killing me.  I screwed and nailed every 8 inches.  Used construction adhesive on every board.  Every board was FIRST clear coated on bottoms, cut ends, tongues, grooves and butt ends to give more seasonal stability.   I DO NOT like short boards in the center fields…nothing shorter than 3 feet.  In order to go this fast, you have to use a lot of short boards that are less likely to be crowned and hard to knock together tightly.   Often times, I have to use a lot of prying force to get longer boards tight.  In the end, the floor looks flawless….nearly fake. 

Super Nova says:

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SebastianTran says:

Dude, after watching this video, I decided doing this project myself instead of hiring.

Ryan Pich says:

Cleat spacing is horrible. Slow down dude.

Jim Tribou says:

he has the tape on his gun so it dosnt scratch the floor u fuckin moron

D Wolfe says:

i love how all you trolls are dogging this kid out…if you install every day grinding day in day out this is the result…after that shit is stained it will look like glass…all you haters out there that are saying ..”i wouldnt let him near my floor” have no idea what they are talking about…there not installers and could never keep up on my crew either…i say good job lets put another 1000 ft down….

Landon Griffis says:

Good job but the edges are off :/

Rob Chalfant says:

Very fast ! Thats a high quality material if you can kick it in like that. Only problem is if you watch the last 3 seconds you see that the sub floor joist is parallel with the direction of the flooring…thats a big problem if the beams under the house raise or lower which they are sure to do.  

Ameri Floors Atlanta says:

Thanks for visiting!
The tape was left on the gun from a previous job (finished hardwood)! And yes, I used it to protect the floors from scratching :).

stirgy says:

i know why you have that tape on your gun. lol!

Invasive Siren says:

I’m doing a floor. i ran into a issue where the side of the shoe or gun is denting the top of the floor. what’s the deal

Vintage Apple Tree says:

We are repairing a wood floor 3/4″ – Can we use a brad nailer vs useing the floornailer you use in the video? 

Dan R. Braucht says:

Hi, I’m in the floor trade too. Hard job ! My hope is to make it easier on the Back, . . . I think I’ve made some progress. Please have a look @ inventar1 to see some NEW Tool ideas. I’m looking for people to test the product. . . . inventar1 is on this movie channel

D Dez says:

Fast shit, job not well done he leaves many bad details and then floor will have to get fix again .. i wont hire you for sure

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