How To Install Hardwood on Stairs

Shannon from shows you how to install hardwood flooring on stairs. If you have any questions about your home DIY projects, stop by the forum on our website and ask. Video © 2014 SKS Media.

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James Cervelli says:

this was one of the most helpful videos on installing wood stairs, thank you

Rudy Yeung says:

I wonder how much appreciation it will give to the house value. I know kitchen remodelling contributes a lot. Nonetheless, this could not be just very little.

K W says:

I am going to do this! Looks great!!!

Richard Deckard says:

Good video. Very helpful.

Vincent Perry says:

Great video Shannon.  I will now use nosing and my hardwood inventory to do my steps instead of buying the step kits.  Wondering if I should remove the staircase baseboard.  I did remove all baseboards and reinstalled them already in my second floor.

thuan le says:

no nails use

Testnet Canada says:

Super directions, easy to understand and now I feel I can tackle my stairs.  Thanks, really enjoy your videos.

Chris Homan says:

Nice video. Two things 1) Any reason not to put the tread board at the back under the riser instead of in front? Would that eliminate any possibility of a gap at the back of the stair? 2) I think I would add a couple of nails at each end for the nosing. if the glue gave way stepping on the nosing you could get really hurt.

coehorn says:

THIS is most helpful! Thanks very much.

Carylon Taylor says:

My floor store was trying to sell us matching treads for $130+ per step!  Great instructions, and saves me some money too!

Barrett Butler says:

Great video. I would like to have seen how you are measuring and planning each cut along with options on final finish regarding additional trim etc. I was considering building and gluing each tread and then cutting it like a full prebuilt tread of course if the cut is off the whole darn thing is wasted like a prefab tread $$$

gnaupari says:

thanks to you im able to do this myself. thank you.

Sam Couto says:

Great job Shannon. Thank you for the video I really appreciated.

Mathew Tasalloti says:

Awesome video Shannon – thank you. I’m doing my stairs and don’t have enough room to build out and put on a nosing. Two questions. Option 1) can I just remove the tread and replace it with an oak or maple run? Option 2) I’ve seen in a couple of forums that cutting the nosing off of the treads makes the stairs not up to code – is this true?

Steve Mc Grath says:

good video as always. I never understand the negative comments. There are many ways of doing something, just because someone does something a different way doesnt mean your way is right or wrong.

Ariadna Jardín says:

I love your videos Shannon, very professionals and helpful, all kind of detail. Thank you again, I am going to look for your videos from now on

Lee Harris says:

Nice video. Thanks

Audrey a says:

Thank you for this video it is very helpful. He explained it very nice and simple.

Juan Quesada says:

excellent video, thank you.

Edwin Rozon says:

lol your videos are awesome dude

Uyi Imasuen says:

Thanks for sharing. Using pieces… does it mean you can use the same hardwood / engineered hardwood boards used for other areas?

Greg Gormley says:

That was a great explanation, simple and clear. Thanks a lot

Daham Hassan says:

Thans a lot for the video it”s amazing.

Teddy Raoul says:

Thank you man! Very helpful and quite educative.

Mike Reamer says:

dude you have alot of gaps not bad for a handyman tho

Terry Heinrich says:

Just in the process of installing hardwood on my stairs.  Your video was very helpful and informative.

Roger Hoch says:

Very well done with great tips. Thanks.

Dev Singh says:

Cheers man very helpful video

Malcolm Platt says:

Good stuff, thx!

ليث الشمري says:


Braddan Jackson says:

ive just purchased a load of lumber liquidators hardwood click lock bamboo for my 2nd floor and stairs. thinking about doing it myself rather than getting a guy to do it. can anyone give me a list of all the tools i would need to complete the stairs. thanks in advance!!

Billy Bob says:

Sorry dude but that looks like crap

v12coupe says:

This guy is the man

Lui G says:

Hi Shannon, thank you for the information but I still having a question. On stairs do I need to nailed the pieces to make stronger? specialty the round piece or is not necessary? Thanks!!

Tim Karakay says:

at the start of the video you can see that spots where boards meet the wall have 1/32 to 1/8 gaps, is that intentional or something that should be considered acceptable, is this something that you fill with puddy after?

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