How To Install Hardwood Flooring

Shannon from shows you how to install hardwood flooring. This is a popular DIY project that can increase the value of your house. If you have any questions about your home DIY projects, stop by the forum on our website and ask. Video © 2014 SKS Media.

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alexis gonzalez perez says:

This guy is awesome

Dan Wood says:

Excellent real life installation where normal “not so perfect things” happen. Very well done.

Jeremy Bourgeois says:

Thanks for sharing!!!

bouy tan says:

That was a longest video ever, it takes 55 minutes and 47 seconds, but I still like this video. Thanks for your help Shannon.

Brickstun Ram says:

Quick question, if you’re stapling the flooring, and it expands in the heat, wouldn’t this make it prone to cracking

mike doyon says:

Is there anything this man can’t do?!?!?

Frank Grant says:

Shannon your videos are great! Thank you so much for helping me with my diy projects! You are like the ONLY guy who works on my car, I trust you.

Exotic Stonewood Flooring says:

Very Informational! Great work on the video

felino felino says:

He´s a good teacher,but a very slow worker he wouldn´t make a living install hardwood floors.

Supermike says:

If you instal on concrete how do u staple it ?

Ashok aggarwal says:

Excellent demonstration

Bob Colorado says:

Shannon, try a palm nailer for the tight places. Thanks for the video.

adam fox says:

I love your videos. I did my carpet/hardwood meeting just like u. Remember when u said “ouch”. You can get that with your feet, if u step just right.

Jerry Malinowski says:

Shannon. You should do a video on how to level subfloor using wood leveling strips. It’s a related task to hardwood floors and a pre requisite. There are no clips on YouTube on how to level subfloor using 2 by 3s or 2 by 4s. thanks

hbaumgartel1 says:

Quick question; you mentioned using a 16ga nailer. How long were the nails you used for face nailing? Great video

Chilan Sethuge says:


rogermurph101 says:

Never heard it called smooth edge. That’s a tack strip where I’m from.

Annony Mouse says:

at 45:00, why use an adhesive there where you don’ t use it anywhere else?

Wilber Menjivar says:

For the vents you can use a jigsaw and you don’t have to take measures or waste time.

Jim Wyke says:

Best video on hardwood floors I have seen.. Thanks

moncoer1 says:

Incredibly informative video. Great reference and much appreciated !

Wilber Menjivar says:

instead saw saw you can better use a multi-tool which has an angle saw for special cuts

psmith85 says:

What would be your best estimate at avg # of square feet per hour, assuming no major obstacles?

Antonio Leonino says:

great video i will use this video as a resource

Steve Brule says:


William Lawson says:

Lay the whole floor out first, make your guts, use your end cuts for starter on next row. If not to short. Don’t get on your knees to lock boards, use your feet and mallet, that’s why you got them.

keith m says:

Wow dude I really liked this video. Installing some flooring and I was hesitant on watching due to the length of video. But got sucked in and really feel confident now about my installation. Thanks for all your time on posting this great video

Mike Pachan says:

Super helpful!! Thank you for the post. I earmarked your webpage as well.

Flooring Stores says:

Great video on explaining and showing how to install hardwood floors

Manuel Chavez says:

thank you it is a great video click, I learned a lot , with all your information I can do my own floor.

If you have some extra tip do you can sent back a feedback . info, thank you again and it was pleasure to watch your video.
I am writing from Maryland.

Brandon Perez says:

this is awesome, i wish you showed how you cut the transition to the bathroom though.

Bourne Blogger says:

Hey bro…. wanna grab a beer?

RenlangRen says:

Thanks for the video.

Winston Mccarthy says:

This video really helped install my hard wood flooring.  I highly recommend this video if you’re a do it yourself home owner.

Redneck Boy says:

Great video.  I just about have my floor all prepped ready for hardwood.

K S1000RR says:

Thank you for this video

Ron Hendricks says:

I never write comments, but this guy is truly great!  I know I have to see more of his work!

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