How to install hardwood flooring (Nail down) // Home Renovation

Anyone can install nail down hardwood flooring and it looks AWESOME!
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Last time on my home renovation series, we laid down some floating hardwood floor in our bonus room conversion. It’s a great product but a bit too expensive to carry throughout the entire house. For the rest of the home, we decided to nail down hardwood floor so that we could spend the money on a harder, nicer looking wood.
Nailing down flooring is something that ANYONE can do and it not only makes the rooms look nicer, but also adds value to the home over all!
The first step is to clean up the subfloor, getting it free of all debris including staples. Then add a layer of underlayment as a moisture barrier.
When laying the actual floor, the first few rows will need to be nailed down by hand. After you get far enough from the walls, you can use a pneumatic nailer to make the process go MUCH faster!
This entire room took me about a day an a half to complete.


TOOLS & SUPPLIES:–15146274 – The flooring I used – Underlayment – Flooring nailer & Mallet

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Chris Boyle says:

There’s a tool just for all that demo, a floor scraper! And use “cut nails” instead of pre-drilling

Miles Peterson says:

I know it’s a little bit out there, but maybe you should consider making a terrarium?

Tobias Glahn says:

Hi Bob,
thanks for the great video. However, I guess that the way the construction of the houses is done varies all over the world. I was wondering what stackup does the floor show in total. Here In Germany we often have concrete + some sound improvement mat and then a floating floor (no way to consistently nail into the concrete). Can you please comment what is below what seems like particle board?

Sam I Am says:

Bob you make great videos

Robert Birdsell says:

The headers in the doorways and misaligned floors between rooms would drive me nuts.

Aaron Tim Vlogs says:

Can you do a ceiling fan that one video was confusing I want to learn how to install one quick and simple and extra electrical plugs

rp kane says:

great video! I’ve done some floors before with my dad and I would just add in 2 aesthetic tips. If you’re buying multiple boxes of pre-finished hardwood it might be a good idea to mix up the pieces between boxes just to be safe. Maybe not necessary but potentially the color or grain could differ slightly from box to box leaving one side of the room to look way different than the other side. Or at least just check out the different boxes and see what your’e working with. There might be a lot of dark pieces in one box and all lighter pieces in another, and you might one to space them out to look nicer. Also when you’re laying down each row to try I would try to make sure the seams don’t line up too much so you don’t get one big seam across multiple rows. Not too crucial but just some stuff to keep in mind.

atomia123 says:

How to make a guitar ? could be a fun experience for you 🙂

Alice Trans Queen says:

Build a bed shaped like a coffin

Hugo Lavery says:

Your so awesome and make amazing videos that are so cool and so people don’t buy Stuff make it you are so cool and nailed it again

Sarthak Bansal says:


Nick Burt says:

Really lovin the home renovation series

BadBadWood Studio says:

Nail down installation into particle board = big no no…(it can’t properly hold the nail). after a full season of expansion/contraction of flooring movement and squeaking is very probable…
Not trying to rain on any parade, I am a fan and enjoy watching your content.

CaptainLuck says:

Make Mario + Rabbids weapon props!!!

Jelle Kwakernaak says:

Wow Bob that floor turned out way more beautiful than I was expecting. Seems like you got a wonderfull house.

Yajnesh Ponnappa ArtHolic says:

Can u make drill powered tools please

Sean Scurr says:

I’m the worst person at diy and I find doing diy tasks annoying but love watching ur projects keep it up

William Butler says:

Any particular reason you hand drove nails instead of using a pneumatic finish nailed?

Great video again.

Psycho567 says:

Should we expect a video on installing carpet as well?

YouCanMakeThisToo says:

Removing carpet is quite the chore, those tack strips are the worst construction material to have to demo and deal with, really liked the carpet padding trick! Floors came out looking great, Bob.

-Caleb Harris

Outdoors And Lifesaving says:

We just bought a fix up house and this video is huge, thank you so much bob

johnmcc51 says:


Tom Tran says:

Great tips. thanks

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