How to Install Bamboo Flooring (Tongue & Groove – Over Underlay)

A step by step guide on how to install tongue and groove bamboo flooring
over underlay.
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chihuahuas11 says:

Does bamboo flooring scratch easily when moving furniture or from women’s heels?  I’m considering using bamboo flooring to replace carpeting in my mobile home.  Is this a good idea?  It looks like something a women can easily do.

Dave Mercado says:

Where’s the camp fire?

Jason Ranson says:

Should you start on one side or in the middle of the room?

CardiganBear says:

Annoying music.

Alanna Ballew says:

I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

Miles Leach says:

and u dont need a sqaure to do cut ins lol theres no baseboard yet

Johnny vu says:

I bought bamboo wood for my flooring. Would you recommend glue or nail gun ??? it is going upstair master room on wood . I strip the carpet and everthing that comes underneath it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

stk931 says:

hi im looking to do bamboo flooring in an out building on my property. it wont be heated and i live in northeast usa. im wondering how well bamboo flooring would hold up during cold winters and hot summers? thank you!

Bamboo Flooring Company says:

Hi replicantplanet, you must use PVA that meets the requirements of EN 204 (D3) if you check the side of your bottle it should have this on it.

Loreta Hom says:

Hi, I need help. I have a bamboo floor installed by someone I thought knows what he is doing. he did not leave the materials in the house for sometime to acclimate to the temperature. It was not glued or nailed. just float it. we went on vacation for 37 days, we shut off the central air conditioner. when we came back from vacation, the floor panels were raised and buckled. it came out of its tongue and groove lengthwise. I need your wisest advise what to do. thanks

Jamyang Dorji says:

Is it must to put the ply under need the bamboo flooring? if yes, the thickness of ply we should be using is? do we need to keep the min of 10mm gap for the ply also?? will there be any problems, if the flooring is done on top is the room floor heating system installed?? please any one with idea and knowledge advice how to go about it, so i don’t face any issues in near future..regards to all readers and suggester ..Jamyang from Bhutan

dadrules714 says:

I’m nailing my solid T&G bamboo floor to 1/4 underlay over slat floorboards. (we have basement & home is well over 200yrs) Home desperate said no glue needed. Should I glue it anyway? Seems like good idea.
Thanks great Vid.

J P says:

I purchased the Home Decorators Bamboo from HD and want to know if I can use this method described in this video?  I’m laying the floor over a concrete slab.  Is there any special precaution(s) or preparation I need to take into account?  thank you for any help!

Bart says:

Doesn’t this floor need 1/2″ spacers? It looks like 1/4″ were used here.

Miles Leach says:

i would have glued them directly to the cement

Jacqui Hobson says:

Hi, I have just had a bamboo floor fitted, as the one above, but on concrete. It was floated as your video and glued with wood pva glue. I noticed the installers did not put spacers down the sides. The floor does not look very good, there are large gaps between the planks in some areas, altho others are tight together. Already these gaps are filling with dirt and dust and do not look nice at all. When i mentioned to the installer he just said, yes it has spread overnight but that is what happens with tongue and groove, you should have bought a clicklock wood. Is this true? I dont really know what to do, any advice please? says:

Hi Team, in terms of durability is the tongue and groove bamboo flooring as durable as natural bamboo flooring?

Bamboo Flooring Company says:

*How to Install Bamboo **#Flooring** (Tongue & Groove):*

replicantplanet says:

Can I use a standard pva glue with bamboo? thanks

Robert Cullearn says:

Please turn off your back ground music.

simon lloyd says:

tune the guitar and then play it in time.

Steven Suntup says:

If this is a solid floor then dont agree with gluing the floor together.

Seth B says:

? Glue. You don’t nail it?

Маша Арсентьева says:

Great to see that woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

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