How to Do Blind Nailing

Leah demonstrates how the blind nailing technique for attaching “tongue and groove” wood boards to a floor, wall, or other surface.

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kevtootaloo69 says:

I had to leave a comment. this is cold blooded!!! Nice!!!

G Unit Eire says:

Excellent 🙂

Allen Long says:

Great videio. Pre-drilling can also be helpful in preventing splitting of the boards when nailing by hand. You can even pre-drll the boards ahead of time before you lay the boards down. if you are hand nailing, this will make the nailing easier and faster even if splitting is not a problem. For those of us with bad knees this will save time and pain.

Hymness says:

Nevertheless, it’s still a really hard and long job to put a new hard floor! Are the nails always nailed by hand or you can use an electric hammer?

Awesome video as always!

myyoutubeusername says:

This woman is amazing.

1n4r0m5d1.m31 says:

ohh, I thought those were engraving tools!

Garviel Loken says:

Just Fantastic! Love this channel!

For any DIY project i always check here or Ultimate Handyman

Nunya Beezwax says:

I frickin love your videos!

Berke Huizenga says:

You should go to woodprix website if you’d like to make it yourself m8s.

juanjohnism says:

Great video as usual. You don’t need a tripod your quality and close up shots are excellent. Question- what type and size nail did you use in this video? Thank you.

Al Olmstead says:

Can I buy T&G boards long enough to use in a door, or should I stay with biscuits, routed T&G, etc.?

kwas27 says:

this is called toe nailing . blind nailing is totally different

Jose Vargas says:

I love you and yours videos but use a air nail gun faster and you won’t see no nails. Keep your good work…

ourplaceourplay2 M says:

Hello, thanks for very educational video. I have questions, can I use nail gun because I don’t have floor nail gun? I also have Kreg deck builder kit, can I combine those 2 and will it works?

Joshua Bono says:

My question is how far should the nails be.

Steve Kennon says:

Great video ! Question please: How would you replace a piece of tongue and grove flooring ?

kwas27 says:

l mean , there is a lot good info here but the name of technique is wrong

Joe E says:

I must say as long as I have been doing carpenter work you do show excellent instructional videos. I myself when I do tongue and groove I use adhesive on the floor and nail about every 5 boards it depends on the width of the floor or the job itself. I can tell on your videos that you use some old carpenter school tricks of the trade my dad and I use to this day. Excellent videos!!

John Germany says:

Love the video. Just wanted to say that if you don’t have a nail set you can use another nail as your nail set. It works very well.

KING 2020 says:


damien kinchen says:

I keep having problems with the tongue cracking on my pine T&g with nails and screws just won’t work without first predrilling what the hell am I doing wrong

ShysterLawyer says:

Thanks for the instruction, I learned something new!

hawkesworth1712 says:

The only thing I’d change is to lose the block of wood you used to hammer the boards together and use an offcut with the tongue cut off. It reduces the risk of damaging the wood to zero.

Journeyman83 says:

I….can do this!

EC Harbor says:

By nailing each plank will that affect the wood’s ability to expand/contract due to temperature changes in the home?

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