Hardwood Floors over Concrete

Pecan Hardwood Floors were Installed & Sanded onsite then finished with Bona Traffic Satin.


jlazaro317 says:

Matt, I’ve never used unfinished engineered but like the concept. Do you happen to know the manufacturer and the wear layer? Thanks!

Rob Williams says:

We do a lot of engineered glue down floors here in Raleigh- but almost all are prefinished. Love the site finishing and re-finishing ability! Great Video

BoxyRawr says:

Glue on bare concrete? No moisture issues in Texas?

ltcajh says:

Engineered flooring isn’t going to hold up over the years like true hardwood flooring.

Anthony Griffin says:

Hi Matt, we use pine flooring in Mississippi where I build, but I don’t really care care for it because of how soft it is. Where can I get the pecan wood engineered floor that you show in this video. Thanks.

Ed Va says:

The finish is not as tough as lacquered and requires periodic topping up, but it is a lot easier to maintain floor in top shape than lacquered floors. Osmo sells good finishes if you want natural floors.

Brian Clark says:

Looks beautiful. I’ve had a number of engineered and finished in place floors installed. I can’t think of a reason not to use engineered floors. If there are concerns about refinishing you can always spec a thicker wear layer.

SilveradoBass12 says:

That floor is amazing I would take this over the Oak floors that we have in our house. 

Bob Bobowiz says:

2:55 You screen it. I thought screening was sanding too. So I guess the difference is you just sand to reapply a new layer on top of the old one?

How often can you do that before you need to sand it down to the wood?

All About Construction, Inc. says:

Hi Matt, Thanks for sharing all your great videos.  I would be concerned about gluing directly to a slab on grade unless I was sure I had a complete vapor barrier.  When it’s humid outside and you turn on the A/C inside, you will be lowering the humidity inside and drawing the outside humidity inward (not just through the walls but up through the slab). What are you using as a vapor barrier below the slab?

Bob Carter says:

I think that a rough slab with wood sleepers should be more economical and comfortable than a smooth finish slab with any kind of uncoupling membrane.

ArtisanTony says:

I am an old timer.  I only use sight installed, sanded and finished floors.  The finish on pre-finished floors never holds up as advertised and repairing them is next to impossible.  Now if I could just get the quality of my project videos up to this level 🙂

Kurt Buchert says:

Great videos Matt. Appreciate the info. I referred you to a buddy in Austin on Lake Austin who might be developing a property. Do you think the glue down on concrete is ok w/ a solid wood floor such as reclaimed heart pine? Or just engineered?

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