Hardwood Flooring Installation Methods Explained: Glue Down vs Nail Down vs Floating Installations

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Hardwood Flooring Installation Methods Explained: Glue Down vs Nail Down vs Floating Installations …

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Ryein Goddard says:

Nail down floats can become loose and start to creek as well. The board moves up and down on a nail and will make squeaking noise. The floating floor can rub against each other as well and squeak. Glue down is the only floor type where you can prevent this.

Ryan B says:

Is it possible to use a foam underlayment for the nail down method?

Michael Reed says:


Anastasia Sissamis says:

Very helpful! Thank you!

Ed Wingham says:

Flooring won’t move if “screw-nails” are used. Don’t know if they can be used in a nailer. I always have done my nailing by hand.

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