First Time Laying Hardwood Flooring

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Things I Used in This Project:
ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing Protection:
16 Gauge Brad Nailer:
Triton Project Saw:
2″ Cleats:
Rubber Tapping Block:
Knee Pads:
Pull Saw :


Kelli Reece says:

Wow!  Super great job, April.  Women make the best teachers.  Thank you for this tutorial.

AlexfromHollywood says:

So impressed…’re an animal!

Retro Dude says:


ajith kulasekara says:

wow you did great job

Myles Mastersen says:

WOW, you got lucky you didn’t have to deal with staples. I recently ripped up all my carpet and replaced it with hardwood laminate.

Christopher Reelitz says:


alex mendoza says:

Very good job

mellowpuddle says:

I think you did a good job. Also I wish more women would follow in your footsteps.

dog's dick Cut says:

I love this girl

Markus Patients says:

Nice knee pads. I’ve worn out dozens…

bigjesskennelz says:

Great work April, thinking of doing the same for my home. How much would you estimate you spend on materials?

Carlo whittaker says:

great work girl.

My Crypto Life says:

Great job… you made me want to do this more when and if i ever get a place to live that needs it

Shaltay Baltay says:


Pamela Barber says:

I am having Lumber Liquidators do my whole house this week. I never even thought about the transition to the bathroom tiles. Fingers crossed! You did a great job!

Maia Sosiuk says:


537VIK says:

Say it again you GOT SKILLLS!

hector Perez says:

I build houses with my dad and doing the floors is my favorite thing


WOW WOW very very good job wow 95% of the hardwood floor installers should take lessons from you you are amazing

fjoe111 says:

Simply put – YOU ARE AMAZING!

Omar Martinez says:

Nice work, but don’t forget to use gloves and knee pads, !

Dennis Douglas says:

Love it looks like you did a great job I to install Flooring by myself the sense of Pride that comes with finishing a room transforming a room just phenomenal great work

Aasyed Syed says:


Gabriel Gaming says:

As a Single Woman you are done this Project very calm and gentle.superb i love your hard work

demon39063 says:

Thanks for making this — helps me understand what I’m getting myself into

Chris Whitchurch says:

Great explanations. Great video. Great job.

Alisia Cons says:

not just mans can do this…. i love your work !

Jim Lutz says:

Video has been added to my personal reference section…I have a flooring job coming up and this was packed with great information and tips.  Thank you.

Jesse Allen says:

Fantastic job. I am wanting to do this to our loft.

Mudassir Zulfiqar says:

The video is so satisfying

Borgman2505 says:

Kudos to April! Great job!

enes.7 says:

Very impressed. Good job!

ed0985587 says:

Very well done!!

Ringo Gingo says:

No set up or chalk lines? Job turned out ok and I commend you for doing the job not just hiring it out , good going.

kimet morina says:

If you want the floor to expand and shrink you dont nail every row because all thats going to happen is after a while all the boards will seperate

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