DIY How to Install Hardwood Flooring

With the help of a professional tool rental and my tips you too can install like a pro! I will show you every trick in the book to get a perfect finish most installers would be jealous of!

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Voytek Kubacki says:

What about the baseboard???

cloe bubble says:

Where are you saftey glasses for chop saw??????

Ryan Guerra says:

Love it! What air compressor do you use/recommend?

Salem Stroud says:

Get a table saw that will kill you

Dan Hirsch says:

The confusing step to me is how to make sure your first course is lined up, where to line it up, how to find that place… especially if you are going to be using the same materials over many rooms.

Draconic Windbane says:

Your one hell of a trade man, I am a tile installer of a few years but i really wanna get into full renovations. I would kill to be able to work under you !

Hank says:

Great video, good craftsman.

Nahum Aguilar says:

Great video .
Very helpful

Dmitri Goncharov says:

Probably the most informative video on the subject out there. Great work!

정광명 says:

It’s too good to explain

Adi Adi says:

In America, are all houses actually barracked? everything is made of wood and plywood. Real houses made of concrete and brick are not built?

Joseph Rosado says:

Why didn’t you install an underlayment?

ferrari 69 says:

When u install hardfloors need to use underlayment sheet !!!!!


Wrong wrong wrong length in a Hall is def better plus ur prob going with the joist when ur suppose to go across which voids any warranty pretty easy to get a straight line to chalk line and tape measure…ur flooring videos are def diy …amateur hour in here …o by the way u don’t use a 3/4 nailer on engineered flooring ….

Jordan Evans says:

Nice to see you without a blackeye

jerry appleman says:

your wrong! you cut one row at a time so you can start the next row with what you cut off

wfdrum says:

Thanks for all of the videos you’re a great teacher

Mark Johnson says:

Thank you Jeff. I’m looking forward to putting my flooring down now!!

Dark Phoenix says:

good vid but please show us the final result before ending it, just so we see how it comes together. 🙂

Hatim Badawi says:

I have a question, I have hardwood floor that squeeks and cave a bit in some boards. Some with even a knocking sound.
How do I fix that?

Sal M says:

I’ve installed the same hardwood floor. Mirage -Rich Oak 10 years ago and still looks great

Sylvain Lepine says:

hey recommand 3/4 but on the end you can do 1/4 since there are less motion and on the lengh 1/2. Also you are supose to put a SVS Silicone Vapor Shield. I always cut the door frame to fit wood under it look cleaner and help with expension of the wood. there are few tool now like the primatech 900a that allow you to nail 2 in from the wall ! Expensive but very worth it !!

johnny wonders says:

the video is inconsistent. he starts off using a miter saw to do a table saw cut then later in the video he’s like oh ill just cut the other little side of the jamb with my table saw later..he was just being lazy should have marked the board and went to the table saw .What surprised me was when he pulls out a undercut saw to demo on closet side. Should of just started by undercutting the doors jambs first for flush fit. he has lots good tips but just need to reorganize a few things in the video.

Jesse Pennn13 says:

Good stuff. Thank you for the video

Minsupa says:

If you install hardwood on a slab foundation do you need to put a project board down or can you install it right to the concrete? Also if you have some cracks in the slab do you need to fill them in or can you just leave it?

TheEgg185 says:

The best thing about having a dirt floor is that I can spit on it whenever I want and just turn the dirt over to bury it.

Mike Adkins says:

This is may new favorite DIY channel! Such great explanation of everything, a bit of humor and great camera work!

Rosemary Wilson says:

you didn’t mention any kind of underlayment. You wouldn’t want that to keep moisture from getting to your subfloor?

ukrainedude says:

I installed for 17 years and this just makes me laugh

Bryan Alvarez says:

Never did hardwood flooring before. Glad to see they make a reversing strip. I was wondering how to address that issues when you work yourself into that position. Great tips. Thanks

Alex Bowie says:

I wonder how much the safety trolls actually produce in a year? They probably spend enough time on a job to get the rent book thrown at them .
That is sore work on the joints buddy but hats off to you on working your mind and your body.

Alexander Mozgovenko says:

That tip on the “artificial lip” that you inserted into the “other side” of the plank… priceless (together with going both ways from the door opening)!!! Such a smart idea, wow! On the other hand, I’d use some no-slip rubber gloves when removing the old floors. It both helps you to force less (as anti-slip holds the wood better than finger) and also spares your hands from shards and nails. Just a tip 🙂 Keep it up, love watching your videos all the way through!!

West First Books says:

This video was exactly what I needed… slip tongues. WOW= game changer thank you.


Thanks for sharing your tricks and tips. It was very helpful.
I have 2 layers of vinyl tiles on my kitchen floor. Do I need to remove them before doing a hardwood flooring?

duane merritt says:

I’m not trying to ridicule you bud. I always recommend a vapor barrier under your wood floors. Even if today everything is perfect. There’s no telling what the future holds. I personally would never nail a floor in the same direction as the floor joists run. It promotes movement in the wood floors and I personally have seen sagging between the joists. Also undercut all casing. Always have a 1/4 to 1/2 inch expansion everywhere. As far as your cutting technique to each his own. I wouldn’t do it because of the wear and tear on the blade. You do that with the right hardwood and you’ve burnt a expensive blade. Thank you for showing people it’s okay to get off the couch and do something. Good job bud.

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