Constructing a Suspended Floor to Building Regs

Constructing a floor ,installing insulation and laying 18mm chip board tongue and groove
Any questions fire away I always answer
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Guide504 says:

Cool dude

Could have made it a secret room


Robert Mazzitelli says:

Interesting job. Nice work.

Alex Brooks says:

Watched this vid a while ago when I was doing my sub floor and never realised it was yourself. Do you still get alot of non sparky work (other than the current kitchen)?

Jake Frost says:

What cameras do you use

Michael Gledhill says:

Hi great video and awesome job but your wrong about floor being stong i have that crap in my house and i stampped on my landing and now i have a massive hole so i disagree with your its a strong floor but how do i get the other boreds up to fix it as they have stupid lips and groves that slot together like a one time only jigsaw so any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks

Rault Christophe says:

Nice and neat job mate but I think if extra sandwiches beam underneath the joist would be more stronger

phillip somers says:

The structure nice..who helped you with this one? rather which company?

Ryan says:

Just saw the exact same stuff used on 8 flats I was working on in London.

Caberdek 18mm tongue & groove with that glue. It is nasty stuff if you get it on your hands or clothes! Powerful stuff though.

Nice job that.

Jake Frost says:

Do a live stream tonight mate

RaptureUK1 says:

Im planning to lay T and G chipboard in a upstairs bedroom. My question is if i’m butting up against the skirting board on the last piece, how do i avoid a gap? Because i’ll need a gap to be able to lay it flat and then slide into the the T and G together. If theres no gap between the skirting and last board, the touge will sit on top on the previous board

Zed Man says:

Nice work! Strange request from customer never seen that before.

Jermaine Burrell says:

How do I sketch a T shaped timber floor frame?

Eri Si says:

Smashing job!

Raktim Barua says:

The spacing of 400mm centres used in your project, is it a minimum requirement from building regs or just required from design? I mean I have a project which requires 600mm ctrs joist spacing. So is it okay?

steve b says:

turned out very nice, I did the same to my kitchen floor used the 18mm chipboard over new joists…

Jake Frost says:

Are you doing any more live streamsAnd do you have a shed tour

Kyle Fraser says:

hi mate what is your email

Slashley gibbins says:

Do you dive in through the hatch now?

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