Bamboo Flooring Tips and Tricks

In this video I share with you some of the tips and tricks that I learned during the process of installing our 1/2″ Stranded Bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring is extremely hard compared to your typical hardwood floor so it behaves a little differently while you are cutting and installing the product.

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boost331 says:

im confused about the chalk line. i have seen installer snap a line along the wall they start on to make sure it is straight. which still does not mean it will match up square to the opposite wall since it may not be on the same angle as where u started… but i get the point. why did u snap a line, but not start there? lost me there

Toby Kathan says:

OK, how do you literally have a specialized tool for everything?

arthur hernandez says:

great job, how is it holding up? any issue with cupping? thx!

Sue Yieu says:

hi you don’t use any adhesives or glue for bamboo flooring?

jdchee says:

Thank you for removing all the trim first.I love seeing it done correctly. 🙂

Jonny Nevanranta says:

What is that machine you hitting with a hammer? Boarding nailer?! Why and how is it doing what it does?

Steve Collins says:

Great job, Tyler and Brothers.

Ron Dickson says:

Great money/time saving tips bud

William mendez says:

awsome bro. love the screw wedge trick cant wait to hit my boss with that one. great job.

DELTABOY04 says:

thank you man this helped me alot

J Jones says:

What brand is the bamboo? Looks great!

colosnowsled says:

Awesome.  Thank you.

Vocha Alloy says:

NIce job but. Those who work with bamboo are dirty rattan scoundrels lol. Great wedge tip for tight spots

Woodbrew says:

Looks great Tyler!

Jose Gonzalez says:

i that the bamboo was a floating floor that doesn’t need to be nail it

Michael Olsen says:

What a great looking floor! You and your brothers are welcome to do that at my place anytime. LOL

Something to remember here is that Bamboo is actually a cane type of grass — not wood. As a result, it moves differently than wood, and that movement is highly dependent upon what method was used to process it. There are several and all are valid when done properly. Also each provides a slightly different appearance. China, Japan, and many other Far East Asian countries have been using bamboo in construction of several thousand years. It is light weight and has a tensile strength that by weight is nearly as strong as the steel cables used in bridges.

Most problems with bamboo flooring have been shone to be a result of overseas shipping rather than shoddy manufacturing (although that still happens on occasion). Unfortunately, it takes longer for the flooring to cross the pacific than it does to reach peoples homes once in North America. If the flooring becomes “super humidified” in its Pacific voyage, it can take up to a year for the product to acclimatize to most places in North America.

With current demands (last 20yrs) being so high, some importers have been rushing supplies to retailers (often at highly discounted prices). The result is flooring and other product that shrink, warp, or crack. So don’t be afraid to ask your retailer how long their product has been at their location, and the type of storage sued for their bulk supply (many still stack all wood products outside — some with no overhead covering).

Tyler did the best thing possible to prevent problems — open the packaging and keep air flowing over it for as long as possible before installing.

The Vegetarian Baker says:

Like the baking soda tip. Never thought of that.

pcorlis says:

Really nice looking job.

K Mani says:

Great video! I installed morning start LL bamboo flooring in my living room dinning room and corridor in 2009 and still love it! I’ve been considering installing the same in the kitchen but wasn’t sure it would hold well, after watching your video I feel like am up to it, nice trick with leveling . . . and using the opposing wedges . . . was brilliant! thank you.

MakeFix says:

Hey Tyler, that makes great sense and makes me feel that the whole endeavour can be attacked with little fear of total embarassment. Thanks !
That floor nailgun thing looks sweet for a tool geek like me, I wonder if they have them here.
Anyway, cheers and
Keep on trucking ! (from France)

Chris Kagwi says:

perfect tips.

Saul Diaz says:

Good job! What nailer gauge did you use? Since it’s 1/2 thickness did you use 16 or 18 gauge nails? Thanks

forster46 says:

Do a video on the placing all the baseboards next!

NCIS Rule Number 9 says:

It’s nice


Good job.

RiverRuns NC says:

I just ordered US Floor floating engineered bamboo. Got them today and letting them acclimate to the room. Now getting all the accessory materials needed to do the install.. including a new blade for my miter saw.. 80 teeth carbide.

Question – When cutting did you do face up or face down to avoid splintering?

Jia Lin says:

Thanks for posting the video to help our DIY process.
There are things hope to get advice from you:

1) why need to tap with hammer like tool after putting one board in? The product we are going to use is a uniclick strand woven bamboo, is that we still need to use hammer to tap the bamboo board the same as you did?

2) we are using the 10mm thickness, wonder if it is ok to use the same saw ppl will use to cut the laminate flooring board? or we better use the ‘circle’ shape saw?

3)Do you think Bamboo flooring is better than laminate flooring in terms of being more healthier. we planned to input laminate, but now we are thinking to change to Bamboo flooring and it is

4) we have two options of under layer for the concrete: 3mm or 5mm, is always the thicker the better? we need to trim the door a bit…

Look forward to your reply when you are not so busy:)

Best wishes to you and your family!


Mateo Ocampo says:

Maybe install the oposite direction by the entree door ?

Jeff Forbes says:

Great video and the floor looks great as well. I always learn something from your videos. Thanks for sharing.

Artie Kendall says:

Looks Great! How could something like this be put on a slab floor? Would a half or three quarter inch sub-floor need to be installed in order to nail to it?

IWBVS says:

How has it held up? Would you suggest bamboo floors?

Great video!!

Phil Collins says:

Great vid…..but your not allowed to put vid’s out with your cap on, lol……are your bro’s twins/triplets? Thank you again

Bill Hantzopoulos says:

Looks great Tyler. Did you have to bribe your brothers to get them to help? Ha, It’s always good to have family.

iiconhussle says:

you guys do not leave an expansions gap.

Penn Ave Creations says:

Very nice. I haven’t seen the shingle trick before. Good tips.

Guy Clark says:

Tyler, I will be laying 1/2″ tongue and groove strand solid bamboo. Mfg. recommends gluing down. Can I nail down using the same tool and nail type you were using? What would be the brand you use as well.
Are staples recommended over a cleat?
Struggling with making the move going forward with this decision that has to be made.

Barry Roberts says:

The floor looks great, a lot of hard work went into putting that down, well done to you all. Cheers,  Barry (from England)

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