A quick tip on installing hardwood flooring when you get close to the wall



Clint Eastwood says:

Turned off after 3 minutes because of that annoying voice in the background!

TiaGo2k6 says:

Nice idea, but there’s nothing wrong with face nailing the last couple of rows with a finish nailer once there’s no longer room to use it on an angle. Most individuals who’ll try your method on a DIY project will likely fail several times and simply damage the tongue and groove, the finish on top, or even the wall. Once again, great video, good idea, but I’ll stick to face nailing.

Alex says:

I put some glue on last two rows and nail

HouseofDIY says:

Always good to check YouTube and see a pro doing it exactly the way you’ve already been doing it 🙂 OTOH, always better to find an easier way. Palm nailer is a must if you do a lot of this stuff.

jooper99 says:

I’m doing my floors. I pre-drill the plank before laying it in, that way you can get a good angle. Pound the cleat in couple of times, and then you should be able to get a palm cleat nailer on it & finish it off.

James Bond says:

Now, how do you install the VERY last row?

DIYcouple says:

We were laying 3 1/4″ red oak hardwood flooring and got to the last few rows where the floor nailer could no longer be used and we did exactly as you have shown and it worked perfectly.  There was no damage to any of the flooring surface area or to the tongue of the boards.  Great video and information.  Since this is solid select red oak boards, we now need to fill some of the milling imperfections and have to find a product that works the best.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Jay S says:

OR you could add subfloor adhesive to the last row or two (depending on the width of planks), then nail it as close to the wall as you possibly can only to help keep the boards tight until the adhesive dries. The baseboard will cover all of the nail holes anyways! Whenever you nail with anything on the tongue it needs to be almost at a 45° to ensure it doesn’t get in the way of the groove. Am I method wrong? Have I been doing things wrong for the past 6 years?

Theresa Shaw says:

I think ghost busters need to go there, right behind him an orb shot out from his right side when looking at him, it’s kinda in the beginning

PMandDYIer says:

Excellent straight forward video and superior craftsmanship. I’ve had a bunch of “installers” (apparently not craftsmen) tell me the only way to do the last three rows is face nailing.

SHQIPTAR - Agar says:

When he was done he bombed the house .-.

Richard McGregor says:

Good vid. Very helpful, thanks

renaissancemen1 says:

Now how to really do the last 3-5 rows depending on plank width. #1 rent palm power nailer. That gets you to the second to last row to the wall. #2 adhesive second to last row and nail tongues at the end of the board. #3 install final row with adhesive, nail on end tongues and use wall jacks and or shims to hold floor planks tight till adhesive sets the next day. No face nailing needed. You’re welcome.

Kurt Angen says:

Thanks brother, that really helped me out. God bless

Big Gg says:

Mashallah this Muslim brother knows what he’s doing

James Bond says:

Nice.  Not rocket science huh?  And no face nailing!

Thuy-Trang Luong says:

You can use PowerPalm on last row without nailing

leeroy excavator says:

you could go to lowes and buy one of those dewalt right angle attachments for ur drill. I got one of those and they have helped me out of many of a tight spot.

September Gerety says:

Super helpful, thanks!

mizerlad says:

Thanks I was trying to figure out what I was going to do on the edge. What did we do before YouTube?

Eugene Fodor says:

Great tips. Very helpful video. Would love to see the last row.

Rocky Guevara says:

Thanks for your video. Very helpful.

Mike LEE says:

Its not the 70s bro. Use the brad nailer no point to drill it and do that way

dynomax666 says:

i forgot how much i hate hand nailing until now. i think i would suck it up and face nail

M Warsame says:

great video man, that was helpful

John Wassink says:

angle drill or drill with an angle attachment with small finish screws

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