Tommy’s Trade Secrets – How To Tile A Floor

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Erik says:

Very good !

After Burner says:

Only a miserable, begrudging bastard would give this a thumbs down. Great vid, thank you.

Chelsea Bouse says:

after watching this video i feel like i know how to perfectly do tiles what a grate video

Alexx Power says:

always trowel in straight lines noob or the air gets stuck underneath and u risk cipping & breaking.l2tile

benyam asfha says:

good job

Chris Barreira says:

ive done that put the entire bag in and had too much water had to run out for another bag lmao fuck my life

Wilfrid TEINA says:

Thanks very Much

Clive Cube says:

always prime wooden floors and you showed viewers how to mark around or get tile starting point hence you did not mentioned that the most important part is making sure the grout lines run in the centre of the door.. just saying

craig parsons says:

thanks, some great advice

Jazz G says:

Not all hero’s wear capes

Walkertongdee says:

Dudes got hair just saying not gonna watch. LOL

Md Azaduddin Sk says:


Steve Cunningham says:

nice 1 geezer. If you keep doing tiling you might be good at it 1 day.. Nah mate awesome video well done love ya work very helpful

Tile Fixer says:

5 washes for patchy 113 grout

Md Azaduddin Sk says:


László Magyar says:

horror….very old bad technik…..

ColdWaterThrower says:


Md Azaduddin Sk says:


andrey malinskiy says:

“It’s what we do”

Mike W. says:

Well done! Thanks from Texas.

Philip Taylor says:

being critical the tiles could be moved side to side to bed down and if the troweling lines were straight there would be more adhesive and tile contact to minimise chance opf breaking under load but pretty good apart from that

Ahmad Malik says:

professional tiler

Adam Salim says:

Amazing video thanks for sharing, keep em coming, like so

Sully Shah says:

brilliant video. thank you!

Ryan Fausnaugh says:

trow lines need to be straight with the mortar

Motivation840 says:

At 12:15 I noticed the way you set out your mortar. It was not in a straight direction. I noticed you put a lot of swirls on your mortar with the trowel. I heard this is not a good idea. If anyone knows why it wouldn’t matter please explain to me, but I prefer someone that has actually done tile work.

shestakovach says:

brilliant video, well explained

Richard Giannamore says:

Don’t put down the tiles in the mortar way he is doing it, you will end up with cracked tile. Mortar must be laid straight.

Chad B says:

Absolutely the best tile video I have ever seen. Awesome!

..bones!! says:

..thanks fella!!…top lesson!

Miki Dominko says:

Hi guys, nice tutorial, just two small hints :
You should ALWAYS leave a gap of 5 – 8mm between end of the tile and the wall, NEVER push a grout in it (unless it is elastic, goes for the corners where walls meet as well), always use sylicone(because of tiny movements of the floor(walls). Saves a lot of headache, because tiny crack in the corner(which WILL HAPPEN) is really hard to clean, you may not be able even to see it but water always finds its way … use dark opaque sylicon (not transparent or white which will show tiny specks of mold through after some time (same goes for kitchen worktops).
When grouting, you should ALWAYS push the grout in at the angle of 45 degrees to the tiles(goes especially for the cleaning of the grouted tiles with a sponge as well!!), otherwise the sponge is pulling the grout out of the joint what results in uneven depth of the joint between tiles.
Hope it saves some unnecessary work and improves the looks of the tiled spaces.

fakk u says:

dude where are yer kneepads ouch that gotta hurt

leldevaza says:

Thanks a lot. This is what i need right now.Tiling my bathroom.Cant relay on “pro” builders.
I really love your videos..

Mumin Cufurovic says:


David S says:

a tip.comb the thin set straight so the air pushes out to prevent any voids under the tile,looks good though

amir pourasadi says:

well done. thanks for sharing ♡♡♡♡♡

dee birdez says:

Great video, can’t understand why so many haters———- I’m not a pro at tiling , but am precise . it’s the end result that counts and you are good!!!

Tariq Mohmed says:

thank u very match

Zen Bangalon says:

Wow very awesome work

desmond Russell says:

first class

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