Tile leveling system T-Lock™ was developed to bring a perfect installation

T-LOCK™ by Perfect Level Master™.
Patent pending.
This leveling system was developed to bring a perfect installation for all surfaces covered with tiles. This system ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile (each tile is leveled by all tiles around it). It also prevents tiles from warping as your thinset cures. An advantage to using this system is that the process of laying tiles takes less time, as you do not have to level your tiles the traditional way. For those who are uncomfortable around tools, there is a way of achieving perfectly level surfaces with the Perfect Level Master system. Wedges and clips are included as part of this system. This installation method makes it ideal for do-it-yourselfers because it requires no complicated tools. The wedges are precision engineered to be robust and reusable, one size wedge for every clip width.

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Yovan Valsada says:

Very interesting!
where can i get the rolling knee pad with seat please?

David Geiger says:

This is a really cool product but….don’t you loose strength of the thinset by stretching it? Floor is beautiful but I’m not sure of its integrity. If the floor is flat there is no reason for this type of product.

Richard Padin says:

rookies use wedges, real tile guys do mud setting

Benzknees says:

Isn’t this going to lift a low tile away from the tile adhesive, so it is no longer fully supported across its base?

Khalil Mujaheed says:


detoxrum says:

as cool as this is, it does take some of the skill out of laying tile and replaces it with speed and accuracy.

Antonio Ibarra says:

Seems like It’s useless on an uneven substrate, you would have to build up substrate, either with Self -Level .

Or grind down high spot’ s of concrete floor , with a diamond blade grinder.

Which would make these T -Locks useless and a waste of time.

Since floor would be pre leveled, and as long as you apply same amount and consistent mixture of thinset , you only need ordinary spacers.

However most tiles already come with spacing for grouting.

If your a tiler such as I you should understand this.

Ahmed Alawad says:

Akbar Ali says:

good work.

Sergio Verdasca says:

Terrible job!
So many things wrong with their installation I don’t even know where to start

John James Harry says:

Blonde tiler niceee

manual screen printing says:

waw nice

Rick Fountain, Jr. says:

O bet that chick is fucking strong!!!

Paul M says:

i wouldnt hire them. something about their work screams unprofessional and inexperienced to my liking. has nothing to do with the girl

Heder Satilan says:

im also working tile installation in malaysia

E M says:

why use t-locks when can step on tiles to level them. lol

lazynut says:

Not enough “mud” to pull up the tile guys.Yes you can walk on tile wedges holding it even without tile.

D Lastname says:

Great video but that sound you picked was not your best choice

إيهاب صيام صيام says:

good Ana mal taken 0097433011689

Rob Vazquez says:

love a woman who can lay down. Good lord squeeze my wedge. ps awesome video learned something new.

lockodonis says:

Looks hard on the back

Peterpan Alexandria says:

jiamput tukange ayuu eram

gabriel villa says:

pls i need to get me one of those knee rollers pls tell me where i can get one thank you .

Nope Nope says:

bad ass to see a woman do stuff like this because ima introvert and like stuff like this its just hard to find jobs that hire with no experience

Max Power says:

I think the yoga pants are as as big of a deal in laying tile as the leveling system is. I’ll doing all my flooring installs in yoga pants from now on.

Matthew Cayton says:

A guy I work with bought that garbage. 20×20 porcelain 1/8th joint. 350 sq. ft. I did half the floor old school. Just to show him the tried and true method is best. Chalked lines no spacers no leveling clips. Just a 1/2 in trowel a margin trowel a 4 ft level and a rubber mallet. I was done quicker and my side looked way better. But in his defense I have been laying tile and marble since the early 90s.

Saiful Full says:

indonesia…bgi lah ilmu nya

dmech5135 says:

I’ve been laying tiles for twenty years, most old timers fight new tech, but leveling systems are great, they provide 100% insurance against lippage. This is especially critical in large commercial work like they are doing.  After that floor is down and the walk thru inspection is done you don’t have to worry about fixing some tiles that sunk or raised.  In the long run we lay down tile perfectly much faster, pass inspection and on to the next job.  For the residential setter it was not cost effective as it adds to the expense and “most”, not all but most home-owners are always looking to pay nothing, that is why they end up with guys just slapping them down with the “that’s what you paid for” attitude.  Leveling systems have come down in prices as there are so many on the market now.  Laying tile is an art and requires focus and patience…leveling systems will not make a lousy setter an expert. Whatever way you choose to lay them, take pride in your work and keep your work standard and quality high!

Известная Фамилия says:

хохлы гастерят не иначе

shane brown says:

Been laying tile for 9 years, that’s a lot extra work and time! If your floors are messed up well that’s what floor leveler is for. I have no problems getting my tiles flat and smooth!

Madbull338hit says:

system for tile setters who are not skilled and sure of themselves.

David Beauregard says:

what a shit show

mgthaking says:

These have made my job/life so much better!

grassliker says:

You guys are just licking and sticking and not even checking if the tiles are flush. I’m a journeyman tilesetter and I’ve been installing large format tile on commercial jobs since it first started showing up over a decade ago. I’ve also used several leveling systems and I will guarantee you NONE of them are as foolproof as you guys think they are. Somebody’s already pointed out your crooked joints which I saw in the first 10 seconds, so it’s obvious you guys aren’t paying much attention to detail or have any idea what true craftsmanship is about. It pains me when hacks like you get attention and praise from people who don’t know what they’re looking at. I’d be interested in seeing this from start to finish to see how many other corners you cut.
One word of advice, ditch the stupid knee carts and buy some ProKnees. Besides the crooked joints, those carts were the second dead giveaway that you guys are just a bunch of backsplash expert, craigslist hires. The higher your knees are off the floor, the harder it is to reach out and across a wide layout. Those things have to be at least 6″ high. That way yoga pants doesn’t have to walk on fresh tile to reach the leveler clips. Bigger tile will displace some weight but not a person walking or kneeling on it. Those clips aren’t that rugged either, I can snap them off just squeezing the wedge in by hand. That’s where your crooked joints are coming from because obviously you guys aren’t paying any attention to layout lines.
If you showed up on one of my jobs, you’d be lucky if I let you mix mud and make cuts.

shahab saleem says:

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Brian Chamberland says:

i couldn’t work with her my mind would be on laying but not laying tiles. She’s awesome in more ways than one im in love lol

Lester Ochoa says:

To much time I can do it myself in less time

Breen Whitman says:

strong team effort. nice work.

Grom says:

I like the cart, but I would put the wheels inside the square frame of the cart and lower the height of the cart.

Salauddin Ansari says:


shahzad waseem says:

i like this work very well laveling i want join polmaster tile company lovely work

Allan Raymundo says:

Is it but use that when it is not flat that’s why they do not have enough experience

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