Tile 101 : How to Lay Tile

Laying tile must be done in a very specific way to make sure that all pieces lay flat and fit together nicely. Lay tile with help from a home repair specialist in this free video clip.

Expert: Robert Herdan
Bio: Robert Herdan is the founder and owner of WestOaks Tile in Thousand Oaks, California, where he offers a wide array of specialty tile and home repair services.
Filmmaker: Rob Hashemi

Series Description: Tile can make a great aesthetic addition to many rooms in your home, like the bathroom or the shower. Get the low-down on tile with help from a home repair specialist in this free video series.

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Luis Torres says:


boyle heights says:

what’s the name of that tool, that cuts the tile?? anybody

неизвестный безымянный says:

текст читает по бумажке , молодчик ))

David Silva says:

wants to travel

riblessadam says:

title is correct 101

trevor mclean says:

Wow, you get paid to do this? You just pulled a tile up that had about 20% coverage put it back down???? There was NO coverage on the tile you pulled up!!! Your trowel lines look like a dogs breakfast. Ugh, here I go again, I have to watch the rest…

Gulshan Kumar says:

gd work

wopr siop says:

i gotta make a video, this is too much

Ygols The Steel Rocketeer says:

I’ve been doing this shit since I was 10

Nik 不屈の Heke says:

Typical scab….you didnt even back butter the tile before laying it down. Tile life expectancy = Not even 6 months

south county construction says:

this guy needs a paddle mixer and a drill u cheap ass heard harbor fright has sales once a month jerk off find a new line of work you are tile 101 of what not to do are you licensed my daughter can do this shit in her sleep and she is 8 dick head

turboedDC5 says:

What a horrible f*cking video.

trevor mclean says:

Arghh, dude, you just showed people how to mix by hand (refer to previous post) and then you pulled up a clump of clumpy mortar and suggested that, that is the correct mixture?@#$ I’m afraid to watch the rest. It’s like a train wreck. I have to watch!

lamps says:

thanks for video

Stymie lee says:

your gonna wanna dry set those harder cuts first then put your mud down. 2nd you can’t always use a snap cutter. smh

Vanisha Stroman says:

Video is helpful! I don’t understand why people have to be so negative and cruel. if you don’t like someone’s video then there is no need to leave inappropriate comments with use of profanity or call a person you don’t know horrible names. all y’all do is make yourself look bad not him.

sin car says:

great video

trevor mclean says:

never mix by hand – we don’t live in Ethiopia. go get your self a drill with a proper mixing paddle, borrow one if you have too. Do not mix by hand, I repeat – do not mix by hand… EVER, don’t do it. Please, for the love of god, don’t frigging do it or I will hunt you down, like the twat that you are.

Jason Kuy says:

good instructional video but you speak like a retart

Phillip Warren says:

This guy’s garbage. Not giving away any trade secrets is he. It’s like he wants you to do a shitty job so you can hire him to fix it.

Alexander Ream says:

i just dont understand of how to place tile’s for construction systems
can any one help explain of how to do this

Nathan says:

Wow. No butter, no coverave. Walk around in that place and drop a golfball waste high, sound ljke a steal drum. not quality.

GottaShopIt com says:

Hey Robert! Your video material simply rocks. You did explain the process of laying tiles in very easy steps. Why don’t you register at Gottashopit and bid for tile installation jobs that are regularly posted on our site? You will surely get a lot of projects.

shannon holtz says:

So as far as I can tell from the comments, everyone here knows best… so tell me why you are all watching a tile 101 video?.

mdh87 says:

For the DIYers watching this vid for tips “back butter” is when you apply thinset to the back of the tile.

trevor mclean says:

Maybe that’s how YOU set tile. I sure hope you get to retire reeeeeal soon.

RAHbaSHA says:

No back butter? Geeze what a rook

Shiva Bachoo says:

this man is doing crap

Sergey Nikitin says:

Работает грязно.Клей надо миксером замешивать.В точных пропорциях.Так как сам клей дает усадку!

Joe Hernandez says:

Who puts spacers like that?

John Williams says:

I bet you he can spell retard.

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