Things You Should Know for a Floor Tile Installation Project

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Watch our How to Install Ceramic and Porcelain Floor Tile videos and learn the steps needed for a successful installation. You’ll see how to complete each step and work the required tools, such as trowels, manual snap cutter, wet saw and tile nipper.


Graham Davies says:

1:45: “Since you started in the center, one-third of a tile on one end means that you’d have two-thirds of a tile on the other end of the room”.  What complete rubbish.

cooldog60 says:

It does not make any sense to use a wet saw on large jobs. You can cut 10 tiles on a hand cutter for every 1 tile you cut on a wet saw. You should only use a wet saw when you can’t use a hand cutter.

xuimod says:

Man, this stuff is complicated.  There’s so many little things that could go wrong.

konstadina al says:

very nice bravooooo

Jim Maxey says:

I’ve watched tons of videos on this subject and this one is by far the most informative and best produced. Great job. Lots of valuable information.

pottram says:

very, very clear and professionally communicated. Thank you.

home builders says:

waw very nice

Quinlan Fennell says:

I think it’s hilarious how all of these “experts” appear in the comments of videos like this.  If you’re really and expert, why did you search “how to tile a floor” on youtube?

claton blade says:

Please Note, pro only installs!!, home owners and back yard handymen screw it up every time. min of 5 years exp befor you try it on your own

Ray C says:

Very good video.

Razvan Adrian Solea says:

weird way of having ceramic tiles onto wood and also the furniture should be on the ceramic instead of just leaving them where they are and just avoid laying the ceramics under them… lol

BigZapfer says:

Excellent video, thanks for the effort!

luvlyliltin says:

thank you for posting this video. i learned a lot! More power…

Nathan Beer says:

Why is the cabinet installed before the floor?  No reason for that in this installation.

Никита Немцев says:


Brenda Alvarado says:


Bigbore400cc says:

could have shown how to cement in the cut tiles

Lana Pavlyuchenko says:

Thank You!!!

Dimitrios Arethas says:

Great video.

Avelina Hernandez says:

Is it ok to install the wood look floor tile real close together so that we don’t grout it?

TheMATTYB1234 says:

One of the best ‘how to…’ videos on youtube.

Saul Meyers says:


maxsocial says:

Thanks for making this video. It is my favorite one on the subject and I used it throughout my project. I like that it is straight to the point and doesn’t waste time with off-the-cuff comments. While I appreciate the effort, videos made by contractors are painful to watch. The usually take a long time to explain something. Most of these videos are made by people with poor communication skills.

travertinepolishing says:

Very detailed process. Always enlightening to have professional advice at your fingertips. Keep up the good work.

manolo manuel says:

Thank You

Allen Hiebert says:

Practice what you preach: PPE, PPE, PPE

Jay Berry says:

I just laid my sub floor cement board. I’m nervous doing the tiles.

Phen0mable says:

furnitures already in room before tiling ?? 

Robert Zeis Jr says:

Excellent complete installation video. Good job.

Widya Diantoro says:

good job^_^,

TheJuaKali says:

Thank you. This was informative, and pleasant to watch. I learned so much in this time. Thanks. 

MrMarioSupermario says:

Wet cutter is used only for natural stone or for these tiles which cannot be cut with manual cutter…Manual cutter is always used for big or small jobs since its faster way of cutting tiles… Wet cutter is too slow…You use wet cutter when you really need it…

Eran Gros says:

very good tutorial!
thank you very much!

Bicky Singh says:

nice video

Michael Marcus says:

I think this is an excellent video for instructing people on how tiles get laid. Most people are not getting great tile jobs, mainly because they hadn’t had instruction how to properly lay tiles all together…Mixture of grout is critical, as well as when adding color to mortar…This could be the difference of “gray and light gray” colors of grout when dried…Making the grout looking discolored…

Brandon Russell says:

great demonstration

Junaidi Aminuddin says:

Hi home depot. Your videos are excellent and inspired me to do these renovations my self. I dont have a big house and the areas I need to tile are only about 5′ x 7′. Question, my house came with a built in bench and I think its just made with brick. Whats the easiest way to demolish this?


Good job. Thanks

el azhari mohamed says:


justbigsteve says:

Seems very informative. I learned a lot, but still have a lot to learn before trying this. I think starting with a small area if possible at first would be great

jeremiah stymer says:

hey man if you never try it own your own you’ll never lear. awesome video home depot. thanks. best video yet!

mikel77 says:

Resealing the grout lines every second year is a nuisance.  There must be a better alternative.

theosaurus says:

Very instructionnal video, thanks!

Arturo J. Rincon says:

Excellent work!

TheLivingDeadOne says:

I used to install flooring, and the answer to 1:30, is,. I’m not telling. I can;t be the only one with this answer.

Brian Hencel says:

“Since you started in the center, 1/3 of a tile on one end means you’d have 2/3 of a tile on the other end.” Uh. What? 

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