RONA – How To Lay Floor Tiles

Tile can be installed over various types of subfloor. The most suitable materials for the subfloor are concrete, plywood and cement board. A plywood subfloor needs to be 1¼ in thick, which is the thickness of two 5/8 in panels. Another option is to lay a thin synthetic lath (about 3/16 in thick) if you don’t want to raise the floor level too much.

Tools and materials you’ll need:

– Bucket
– Chalk line
– Electric screwdriver
– Grout float
– Hammer
– Knee pads
– Measuring tape
– Notched trowel
– Level
– Pencil
– Pry bar
– Rubber mallet
– Ruler
– Small paintbrush
– Sponge
– Squarre
– Tile cutter
– 3 ½ in Floor screws
– Floor tiles
– Grout
– Grout sealer
– Joint sealer
– Plastic tile spacers
– Rags
– Thinset mortar

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MaCkDaWg2347 says:

lay a what how thick if you don’t want to raise it too much?

Tile Installer says:

Thinset, sticking out out of joints, sloppy sorry, that thinset that sticking out of joints, will cure and hard to remove, you will scratch tiles, if you try to gt rid of thinset in tile joints

parrot finch guy says:

did you not seal wood with a wood adesive coat

CornBread ! says:

Thanks for the video. Im fixing to tile my plywood floors. I keep getting told to put durarock down first because the tile will not adhere to the plywood. Have you had any problems doing it that way? Thanks..

The Blooddragon 2988 says:

Thanks bro

telosfd says:

Nice job.  I suggest to apply quartz primer first to the wood panels.

Tile Installer says:

i been installing Tile & Stone all my life

tonebeatz24 says:

great. Now you don’t have to pay a guy a thousand dollars to put tiles for you. You can do it yourself save lots of money.

frogger8314 says:

wrong way to do this

pimpcadillacs says:

Hm i was taught to never lay tile on wood, to always use the backer board?

Hubba Dubba says:

Never have I seen tile set on wood sub floor. Very bad idea.

Jack Martin says:

thank you.

Orchid Htang says:

Thank you

Ralph Marshall says:

Caulk the expansion joints?… You didn’t mention any expansion joint until that last couple of seconds… What are you considering an expansion joint…

Jim Davis says:

I’ve always been told that due to expansion/contraction of plywood, one should never install tile directly to plywood subfloor; cement backerboard is always recommended. Thoughts?

Max King says:

full tile off the door though?

Joey Abrams says:

Couple of things you should note from this video. 
 – If working on plywood you should always dampen the wood with a sponge before applying thinset.  This will prevent the wood from absorbing the moisture from the thinset and not adhering properly to the surfaces.
– A good habit to get into is to always “backbutter” your tiles meaning apply a thin layer of thinset across the back of the tiles before laying them. This will ensure complete adhesion and prevent future cracking. 


One of the best videos  thanks

home builders says:

waw very nice

Noctis Lucis says:

3:38 fail

nodiaque says:

Great video! thanks

Victor Vu says:

Do I need to use backerboards on plywood subfloor?

Tile Installer says:

great video, but worst quality, you have to use Cement board or Ditra to set on plywood floors, or it will crack in less then year

theandroids says:


Allison Campos says:

Real good videos thank

Please enter name says:

You started tiling where two tiles meet right over the seam of the two pieces of plywood that run down the length of the room. Should I even bother mentioning that the grout line right over that seam will crack all the way down the length of the plywood?!?!?!

Waj Sherwani says:


pamela creel says:

Don’t you need to lay “Backer Board” down first, on top of the wood ?

S.P.K SR. says:

Backer board isn’t needed for a wood floor?

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