Porcelain tiles 2’x4′ (24″x48″) installation – Polmaster’s New Showroom

Large Format Porcelain Tiles 24″x48″ NOW available at:
Polmaster Tile Centre +3D Design Studio, http://www.polmaster.com.

Where a river flows down the hill and crosses the landscape it reveals the cross section of the Earth’s outer layers. These layers vary in colour and structure. The delicate and contrastive colours of our CONCEPT Porcelain Tile Collection refer to these natural layers of sand, sandstone and loess. The unique graphic design and a polished surface make these tiles a material, which just like stone, is able to create interesting and glamorous arrangements.

Available sizes: 12″x12″, 16″x16″, 12″x24″, 24″x24″, 24″x48″.

New 48”x 96”x 1/4′ thickness ”call Thin Porcelain Tile” video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6O58Wwx3q8

To make the tile installation fast and easy, we recommend T-Lock™ leveling system by Perfect Level Master™.
It helps to lay out tiles perfectly and also eliminates inaccuracies in the surface.
Please visit http://www.perfectlevelmaster.com for more information on T-Lock™ tile leveling system.

For more details regarding tiles please visit http://www.polmaster.com or just visit our showroom in Mississauga at 6215 Kennedy Rd.


juan claudio says:

i love my job

juan claudio says:

I did my first job using that level system and looks great ( that was a club house thanks )

padam rathod says:


emax pereira says:

Hello, my name is emax pereira, I live in brazil and I intend to move to toronto canada, I have a residential finishing company, we work with porcelain ceramic tiles, residential painting, if possible I wanted you to help me I have some doubts, I can work with My company being Brazilian in Canada? How much does the porcelain tile installation cost? And third, does any company in Canada have the right to register companies to receive direct quotes from customers in their area of ​​operations? I hope you can help me, thank you

Rob Weaver says:

how do you remove the white plastic pieces? just snap them off?pinterest

لىىرر تتا says:

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كما تشاهدونه فى الفديوا 0549745309

Banarasi jangir says:


Ariel Mantupar says:

Good video presentation,Any link on tools used?

สมพงษ์ รุจิจินดาวรรณ์ says:

Dhoma Narayana says:


SLIM ALE says:

واو واوo (∩ ω ∩) o o (∩ ω ∩) o o (∩ ω ∩) o

dekonfrost7 says:

For a second I was oh shit. Then I say your guy already had it backbuttered. Perfection.

MD mohsin Khan says:


antonio carlos Trindade says:

Hi my friend, I’m Brazilian and I liked your video and I signed up for your channel.
I also have an anal, please join me too, thank you

Jay David says:

wrong , pls check trovel and error

senu skaria says:

Good Job = Professional

omid says:


Vinod Kumar says:


Nameless Birth says:

what do.you call this method tiling because in our country we used cement underneath the tiles a 1 inches thick

Marcos Goncalves says:


2000SkyView says:

What is this?  A music video???

Ravi Naik says:

nice simple idea

view to says:

all type tiles supplier

manik chnd says:


Ken C says:

No need to embed the tile into the thin set prior to using the clips?

Fahad Khan says:

what was the idea behind straight line groves in cement? for releasing air?

rouade godamme says:
Jay David says:

sorry, I should not made remake based on one video.

Na Transparência says:

What is the name of this tool used to pick up the porcelain tile?

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