Laying and grouting floor tiles

How to lay and grout porcelain tiles on a floor. This is how it was done in our mud room, kitchen, and dining room in Deadwood, SD by local contractor Dusten Ell. Shot on an iPod touch. Music automatically generated by GarageBand from Apple Computer.


Shanes Diamond Decorators says:

Very nice work

Miss Apple says:

Please tell is it necessary to soak tiles before laying on floors ? Thanks

ilya Gaysinskiy says:

Gotta back butter them for better coverage tho

Jay_X_Jay brown says:

like the way he moving fast

رعد الايطالي says:

عمل جيد..والموسيقی اجمل.

Keith Dobbs says:

I don’t recommend pressing down so hard on the tile after you lay it down.

bh tiller says:

Lisa, NEVER start in the center, always lay out tile centered, yes. But snap lines, be sure to be square throughout area, and start from one end of the room and work your way out otherwise you’ll work urself into a corner n won’t finish the room in one day

B Sheppard says:

Did you stand over and film the contractor the whole time? think that would be a tad annoying…

raja shekhar says:

May i know the floor name please

Joseph Scotti says:

get rid of the annoying music

Trish Davison says:

The music is great! Thanks. 🙂

Stymie lee says:

This guy is an amateur at best. Let’s see here. First thing’s first. For christ sakes throw some water on that grout it’s dry AF! And dude….. your not even sponging as you go? man those grout joints are going to look like shit! lmfao you don’t let it dry then sponge, you sponge as you go. Wow i sure hope this guy was working for free. And what’s the dam rush?? Who you trying to impress because it’s not working. Smh

Lazarus Laptop says:

One of the better vids on laying/grouting tile. Nice music too.

Body Of Iron says:

Would have been better if you screwed cement board first and then tiles on top.

YoungBossOfficial says:

He’s not using a level at all? Coz he pressing down so hard.

Jessica Gonzalez says:

Funky music.

slouch92 says:

just wondering if the rubber end of a window washer would work? or do you have to really work it in with a sponge?

Arman Gonzales says:

Thats what you called experienced worker salute

Ryan Vetos says:

Spacers are for people that don’t know how to split the difference!

Mathew Rongorongo says:

good job

Fred MyOpinion says:

I like this video not because of the tile thing but because i dig this blues song.  Somebody tell me what band this is or song, please!!!!

home builders says:

very cool

Lisa Thrift says:

Sorry to say but that method is completely wrong sir your sposed to start in the middle of your room after marking the center and the floor should be clear and the room should be empty

FloorNerd Tile & Carpentry says:

It’s not good to press down so hard thinset comes out the seems.

Spot ! says:

its about time someone put out a good video with good background music

Doc02864 says:

I really like how you set the tiles, full weight, rock it in.  Many videos show just slapping them down and walk away.

OG Jugg says:

I’m no tile expert but, I know this guy sucks

dfjohnson76 says:

great video.

Shawn Miley says:

Dude that and you are awesome

Stymie lee says:

and who the fuck starts in the center??!!! WOWWW

B Sheppard says:

wish I could reply to Mrs. Lisa Knowitall below but for some reason youtube is selective on who I can reply to these days. That being said, starting from the center is usually right if you are doing one room but as it appears in this vid, where you have the  same tile spanning three different rooms you measure and pop lines so you dont end with ridiculous small or unbalanced cuts from wall to wall or up to the kitchen counter, etc… the best you can. looks like a good job to me. funny I also dont use a mallet and push tiles together to squeeze out the extra mud and have a Brutus cutter. 

Best Access Doors says:

Great job Paul! Will you make another video like this soon?

Saul Pineda says:

long does it take  to do 250 feet

Tamer Khadre says:

Did the tile go down directly on the osb subloor? It’s been a few years I wonder if the grout has cracked yet.

kaotic952 says:

U can add a little more water in ur tinset to loosen it up a little so u don’t have to fight wit it

eric racine says:

great idea to leave the heavy mud bucket on freshly installed tilles !!!! 🙂

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