Installing Ceramic Tiles

Tile Flooring


patricia martinez says:

muy bien explicados los videos

Bakas says:

I saw white thing under the tile. Is there something else needed to put under the tile before sticking it to the floor?

Claus F. Bairros says:

ops tudo bem amigo, gostaria de saber que tipo de contrapiso ou placa é essa em que voce esta assentando o piso, aqui no brasil nos fazemos contrapiso com areia grossa e cimento, e não fica tão plano quanto o seu esta ai, valeu, aguardo sua resposta

ikaro lop says:

www. facebook. com / pisosdepozaica

nniFymereJ says:

Yes, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

CamiloSanchez1979 says:

Where is this? The US?

Erdenee Davaakhuu says:

Looks nice and easy

far mine says:


dred05m says:

Excellent home improvement video, thanks ..

Orkhan Iskander says:

where is level? you think its level- I bet it is not

Anto Titin Azzam Anto Titin Azzam says:

oke gooooopppd

moises Tapia says:

Eric v. Thanks for your infomation.

ikaro lop says:

con esa superficie hasta con los ojos cerrados y mas rápido… 

David Kilpatrick says:

Tape the Joints!

nniFymereJ says:

I believe his girlfriend was watching

who Hi says:

I am a master at this type of work after watching this video. who wants to hire me. contact me through this site.

Mourad Bendimia says:


Ashish Parja says:

Nemesis Ashish Pragya @ Indian boy please job at 4 at 8483 0241 61 please IMO number

killjoy42086 says:

Why do you need a level. Just started working for a new crew and they put an 1 1/2 of mud under there tile to keep it level. I don’t understand it. Does anyone else do this and why been setting tile for 10 years never seen anyone use a level on the floor

har mar says:

the spacer in front of hem but ddn’t use it,you are fire…

Aishah Endut says:


Ana Lúcia Alpino says:

Como é o nome desse protetor de joelho , gostei
e parabéns pelo trabalho , muito proficional

nniFymereJ says:

It’s not me but I’ll let him know Chole K was checking him out

Mohammed ISIS says:

FUK this cunt

Juan Cruz says:

nice video excellent

MrGrenswachter1 says:

Small piece ?   a joke

frankrizzo442 says:

Is he pushing those spacers down inbetween the tiles? I thought those were just for guides to use while laying tile, then you remove them?

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