Important Tile Layout Tips, You Need To Know – Contractor Secrets If you’re planning on installing your own tile floor, you better watch this video and visit the link above to one of the best books ever written on setting tile. The most important part about laying tile is the layout and professionals have known about this for years. I’m willing to share some of the secrets with you, but they’re not all going to be in this video. Check out our websites today are more helpful information and remember, most of the important things aren’t free, if you know what I mean.


gregvancom says:

I couldn’t agree more with the cheap tile and it gets worse the smaller you go. I can’t tell you how many showers and bath tub surrounds I tiled with some of the most out of square 4 inch tiles. I guess you really get what you pay for, but it really gets irritating when you purchase expensive tile and it’s messed up also.

diver dave says:

or buy some graph paper and outline the entire floor to be tiled …
the layout you have on the floor now does  centered between the base cabinets to allow equal cuts on the left and right hand side

God's Child says:

We are getting ready to do an entire home and have NEVER laid tile before! I am scared to tears, I guess that is what area rugs are for. Wish us luck!

rumberoprimero says:

it would have been nice to see the finish product.

gregvancom says:

@rumberoprimero I will see what I can do.

Marble Pimp says:

I start with a full tile in the corner…………well cuz I just dont care anymore lol

TheEgg185 says:

i like the cheap vinyl tiles that they use in schools and public buildings. i am tiling my room downstairs with it right now.

Mark Anthony says:

I think what Richard Piccolo was commenting about was the suggestions you were giving were generic, and a “something to think about” type video that truly did not compliment your picture. The picture you put in the video starts to look good, but as you get to the cabinetry to the right-looks odd and not uniform with what you started with. I believe the tape measure you had was outlining where you would make the cuts to the tile at the cabinetry, and if you didn’t point that out in your video, it should be done.

I agree with the “less cuts” idea, but I think what is paramount is how aesthetically pleasing the layout is to the eye. It is important to point out that the focal point of the room is the key here. If you have a focal point in the room, the tile layout should compliment the focal point, or at least not take away from its’ presence in the room. THEN you can focus on how to complete the layout with the least amount of cuts.

Agree? Disagree? Open to discussion…

joe perry says:

Well said! To take the time before you apply the adhesive to see where you are in the layout.

TheEgg185 says:

i know. i am having a hell of a time watching out for sand. i noticed a tiny grain of sand will put huge ugly bump in the tile. its coming out alright though. i am being really really really careful now. the finished floor doesn’t have to be 100% smooth though for me. ANYTHING is better than the UGLY 40 year old tile I just took up. yuck.

Phen0mable says:

I’m tiler for many years and this video is very good. Very good directions and tips. Well done.

Zenaida Diaz says:

my floor has ply wood 3/4 is it ok to put ceramic tiles on it


gregvancom says:

They work well as long as the floor is flat, but I installed some in an old building that had a few dips and bumps in the floor and it didn’t look that great, when I was done. Make sure you take out as many imperfections as you possibly can, before laying the tile.

gregvancom says:

I think the best advice I can give you would be to lay some of the tiles out in different patterns on a flat surface, like a floor or a piece of plywood, until you find something you like, then start taking measurements to see if it will work on your bathroom walls.

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

For this sort of thing, I use Sketchup and model the tiles and grout.  I put each alternative layout in a separate layer, and then I can easily compare the various versions.

working shlub says:

i do alot of tub surround tile jobs…i measure and lay out on the floor before i mix any thinset….no two tubs ever seem to be the same..nothing worse than having to cut 1 inch pieces at the end..pain.

MrGreedyguyz says:

Everyone understanding how important it is on the layout.  What we need to know is how to do a layout not just by saying it.  I can say it too.  Anyway, many thanks for the advice but no result just wasting time.


Very good ideas and Service.
thank to those who who put their time to prepare this video.
we really appreciate for what  you have done for people to get the most out of your video

thank you.


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