How to Tile a Small Bathroom Floor | DIY Bath Remodel

I partnered with RIDGID to show how to tile a bathroom floor. This is part of my small bathroom remodel project and floor tiling is one of the biggest bang for your buck DIY projects you can do in a bathroom. It totally changes the look and feel and in a small bath like mine, installing large format tiles really makes the room feel bigger. #bathroom #remodel #tiling


Small Bathroom Remodel Playlist:

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➤Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):
RIDGID LevelMax System –
RIDGID 7” Job Site Tile Saw –
RIDGID Single Paddle Mixer –
RIDGID 18V Belt Sander –
RIDGID 18V Grinder –
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RIDGID Knee Pads –
RIDGID ½” x ½” Notch Trowel –
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RIDGID ¼” x 3/16” V-notch Trowel –
ISOtunes Bluetooth Earbuds –
Schluter Ditra –
24×12 floor tiles –
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Schluter Kerdi-Band –

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Zekria Danishyar says:


liljack313 says:

“schluter kerdi band” – Swedish Chef

Oh My ! says:


Joseph Kerollos says:


Steven Mead says:


Michael Sutton says:

Awesome, I’ve got a small laundry that needs to be re-tiled, this is a great starting pointy for me, thank you.

Making Stuff says:

looking goood!

Southern Style DIY says:

That tile looks absolutely awesome! Love the tips in there and it makes the whole process seem much more achievable. Will definitely keep in mind when we inevitably redo one of our bathrooms.

TGC Duo says:

Hello I’m finding this addictive to whatch I’m beinging a builder when I am older!

Andrei PAlievici says:

Nice work , but the the grout was way too hard .

Shaneaberry Bell says:


Big Mike is talking says:

“They didn’t install it correctly……It shouldn’t come up this easy”
I’ve heard this on a couple of videos I’ve watched about remodeling. To me they are installed perfectly!
They are currently holding just the way they should but if you want to tear it up, it comes up easily.
Sounds like a win, win to me.

Walter Terrell says:

Nice job on the bathroom, it looks wonderful!

The Reders says:

Another excellent video Brad. Tiling is not one of my favorite projects especially spacers and leveling. Im interested in the system you used. Thanks

Devin Blair says:


Jacob De La Garza says:

Hello, Rodriguez

Tyler G says:

Great video Brad. Just in time….I have 300 sqft to put down and I definitely gabbed some helping tips.

Brooks Heitmeyer says:


River Betty says:

Hi brad for the toilet flange did you make it so it’s flush with the tile floor or above it? You didn’t mention that. Thanks and great video!

Fix This Build That says:

Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to get alerted when the full remodel video goes live!

Kittygarcia10 says:

You predicted fortnite

Brooke P says:

Hi i am just a kid but you cant blem me i like this vids and the other ones

Ramses Contreras says:

Wow man thats Amazing!!

balderoine says:

So bad ass!!!

saleh Al oreef says:

nice work

J Dawg says:

gday mate! awesome videos!

oriza ferish says:

Now im your 299.941th subscriber

Arlenbuilt says:

I plan on doing a lot of work to my house starting at the beginning of the year. Really appreciated this video! It makes tile seem much less intimidating.

J Blackburn says:


Daniel says:

Hi, I’m a enthusiastic DIYer, and I plan to remodel my small bathroom. What did you use to transition from carpet to tile? I see a “white bar”, but I don’t seem to understand. Any guidance is really appreciate it.

Great videos, and thanks for sharing!

ZiggiesAquatic Exotics says:

You should never use wood base boards in any bathroom or wet area instead try using the ties cut into 6 inch rips as a base board it looks much better and will water proof your floor and walls up 6 inches too

John Coloe says:

Looking great, Brad!

Can’t wait to see the remainder of the series.

HansumRob100 says:

Nice work…

StarrTile says:

Great job !Only thing is the grey thinset, otherwise good video…

Chuck Van Horn says:

That floor came out great. Some really nice ridgid tools in there.

Aatilo Khing says:


sami_RE says:


Daniel says:

Is that a piece of tile?

Tracy S says:

the trim job on the toilet drain was nice…and the kicking the spacers answered my question on how to remove them…now I want to try since it looks like it works as well as fun to kick!

Joely Rey says:


ZiggiesAquatic Exotics says:


lmtnkrbel says:



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