How to tile a shower

Ive already laid the shower pan and applied the water proof membrane. Now I’m ready to tile the shower Yay!! I will be using a Mosaic Tile on shower floor and one strip going up the back wall. I hope you enjoy the video and it helps you with your future projects!

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1/8 Trowel:
1/4 Square Notch Trowel:
1/8″ Tile Spacers:
MK 101Tile Saw:
Schluter Kerdi Drain:
Mixing Paddle:
Combination Square:
Diamond Hole Saw:
Suede Toolbelt:

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Dave Brittain says:

Body like a barbie doll. Looks great!

Jr Dejesus says:

This chick is hot

Jazz Barraza says:

How long did it take you from start to finish?

Martin Novak says:

I loved the tiles they used in the renovation project. My tiles were sourced from They have a great range of original chabby-chic vintage splitface tiles which are current hot trends.

CME4 Sheepdogs says:

I think my wife would get a little weirded out if I hired Nassrin to remodel my shower. Likely because I’d be sitting in the room with a cooler of beer watching her all day.

Johnny Hanson says:

She is too beautiful, I didn’t pay attention to the instructions at all.

brio72 segura says:

Am hiring you, my bathroom needs some work!!

Yadura Design Studio says:


Epi King says:

She is a nurse and she do this on her spare time?! Now that is my kind of girl!

RGRimages says:

What was she doing?

C Y? says:

Wish I had someone like her working with me!

Funny Friend Franca says:

You make it look so easy. Great video.

stvmcr says:

But does it work? I think I need to see it tested.
The mixing valve seal was on the wrong way, not that it matters much, but for next time…

Thomas Ryan says:

Nice job …..Did you tile the ceiling also ? I tiled my shower ceiling with glue sticks

89cfranko says:

I didn’t learn a damn thing

The BBQ Jerk says:

Sweet mother of God!!

Alexandr Sanachkin says:

Thanks for video! You’re so cool!!

Lyndsy Serdynski says:

You give me motivation to do my shower tile myself, instead of hiring someone else. Women rule! ❤️

Marcus Vazquez says:

She is good wow!!

mego 6shot says:

Marry me

norma hinojosa says:

Always very smart..and neatly done

Qusay Saeed says:

Hi Nassrin ,thank you ,you are wonderful and I have learnt a lot from you

Riddler ? says:

How much do you spent $$ in that project $$ ?? Because my shower it’s the same size as urs

marianito1968 says:

very poor quality work

Timmy Shaw says:

(@1:41) Cat: Water?! … I’m outta here! x

diego ramos says:

Hottie I would love to work with you

kevork yacoubian says:

My father is owns a small contracting company and i seriously loved and impressed by your work specially you are female and beautifull too


can you give details of tile(not mosaiC) size and where you purchased?

Jazz Barraza says:

The step into the shower! Uugghhh i need to fix this in mine and need ideas.

The ooo Girl says:

Great video, i wish it didnt cut every 5 seconds…

Gloria B says:

When it comes to cosmetics, women are always better in the construction field

Mayhem 11x says:

Can someone remind me what she talking about.

Izzy Buckner says:

This is really helpful, thank you!!!

alex avalos says:

Beautiful job but it’s nothing compared to your smile … Wow …

Elizabeth Gould says:

Thank you so much for talking just enough and getting right to the point!!!!

YoYO Semite says:

Not so much as putting grooves in it, as the notched trowel leaves thin set at a particular, consistent height, such as 1/8″ thick bed or layer of thin set.

valentino audi says:

Wow, what a confidence booster.

Didymostruespeak says:

Wow!! Thanks …check my surf music videos if you get bored…just beach stuff with the wife but fun.anyway I’m a fan now!

Brian the Red says:

Nicely done!

Zed Man says:

Wow some real skill there. There are not many women doing this sort of stuff who actually know what they are doing.

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