How to tile a floor

This video shows how to tile a floor using rapid setting adhesive. Rapid setting adhesive sets very quickly and so it is important to only make small mixes at a time or you may end up throwing the adhesive away. It’s also important to use a flexible adhesive on a wooden floor, which often requires mixing with an ad mixture rather than water.


mcrtrumps says:

If I already have a chipboard flooring, do I still need to ply-line it?

16JAM77 says:

cool product, but how about the gap where the floor and wall meet?

Elvis Putnoee says:

Hi lads. We finished our bathroom floor with 50x50cm tiles. new double joists,22mm moist res chipboard,6mm ply. Sealed floor/wall gaps with waterproof tanking tape. Primed plywood and used tanking kit that had left over dried for two days and tiling comes. use silicone for the gaps between floor and wall tiles plenty of colors to choose. This was a long decision what to use where and brands and so on.. internet,old timer builder and me met together and it was done. What do you think about this setup handyman?

evrensean1 says:

tileexpress co uk   has a grey tile very similar to that one

Paul Jordan says:

No ova needed on floor ??

fixeman says:

is this a bathrom ??

willyfloss says:

Great video, feel a lot more confident now doing the kitchen floor this week, just bought those same tiles too, £9.99 per m2 from Homebase at the moment ;o)

Girrlraven says:

How come u didnt start laying tiles from the center point of room?

mcrtrumps says:

@ultimatehandyman thanks for that. I have another question. Would you advise tiling under a toilet and wash basin pedestal or cutting around them (which sounds difficult!)

2MCHNV says:

Great timing with the bathroom diy vids i just started minor remodeling of my bathroom vids have been the best help big thanks

jonjon52music says:

I helped a friend about 10 years ago re-do my bathroom floor, it was a new sub put in, we used durock under it, i noticed you applied yours right on the wood floor.. Do you have to do the durock? I getting ready to do this on my own so i need all the help i can get… also, my downstairs bathroom is on concrete, I hope you have a video for that as well.. Thanks in advance

16JAM77 says:

just use a sponge to clean the joints, its easier. also the floor hasnt even been waterproofed being a timber floor n all next to a bath. might get some problems if to much water ends up on the floor. sink or bath overflow, dangerous.

HP11208 says:


Mario Marquez says:

u laid those last tiles like shit they wont last

RIPSAW1986 says:

I’ve just finished watching all your tile videos and they are amazing!

Quick question: you say at the end of this video that the tiles should be grouted before they are walked on. How are you supposed to grout the tiles furthest from the entrance without walking on tiles that haven’t been grouted yet or whose grout is still drying?

Muadibe says:

Thanks for the advice and tips. I fitted a new ceiling after watching another video you posted and appreciate the info you shared in this one. Cheers

David Craig says:

surprised at the thickness of the plywood ,, I would have been inclined to use approx. 6- 12mm ,, but maybe that would allow flexing ,, you guys just seem to make it look so easy , 🙂 ,, but I think like most jobs if you do the preparation ,,then the job tends to run smoother as you possibly by then have noticed the problems ,, thanks for the video and tips 🙂

brianboru62 says:

I’m gonna have a crack at putting  tiles down in the bathroom,but the things thats causing me brain ache the accessability issue to pipes under the tiles.It is quite a random enquiry as even small tips can be of enormous benefit,Is it correct to try and fix the pipe so that any manifolds and pipe intersections are concentrated?I just lack that courage thinkin what if owt needs fixing under the floor.anyway thanks handy man for any advice it is always gratefully recieved many thanks john

craig shepherd says:

also have you any tips on removing the old tiles, thanks

Julian Smith says:

A couple of questions from a tile virgin:
Why do you use a notched trowel at all?
Why not put the adhesive on the tile not the floor?
Don’t you need to seal the ply so it doesn’t suck the moisture out of the adhesive?

Finally, I have a particular problem I have to solve,
I have a 6mm difference in height between the lowest and highest points on the floor that I’m tiling. Should I start by putting adhesive on the high point then moving outwards putting increasing depths of adhesive as I move out, so that the end result is level?

Any tips on trying to tile on such un-level surfaces?

dannyd1572 says:

I swear that every video on youtube about tiling is either from an Australian, Irishmen, Scott, Welshmen or Englishmen. Thank you all and God Bless you for your knowledge.

RIPSAW1986 says:

Thank you for your responses, just one more question. I’ve just learned of “lippage” and the catastrophic effect an un-even floor can have on the finished look of the tiles. How do you level the sub-surface so the tiles are all flat relative to one another?

Rob B says:

Hi, thanks for the video. Great advice. One question tho. If I’m putting MDF on top of the current floor boards then the actual tile itself surly I’ll end up with a height difference between the landing floor and the bathroom floor? How do I compensate for that? Thanks for any pointers. Rob

David Craig says:

Your welcome sir ,, the trouble is ” Tradesmen ” take a pounding lots of the time by the likes of ” Dom ” etc ,, but nobody mentions rogue customers or takes to task the lawyers , accountants etc ,, so its nice to be able to pass on thanks when we can , 🙂

shooter75 says:

I find bathroom floors  can be trickier to tile than say a kitchen or conservatory, with all the pipes you have to go around also the limited space you sometimes have to work in

craig shepherd says:

hi i wondered if you would still use ply on a solid concrete kitchen floor? and would there be any differences in the method? thanks in advance. also would it alter anything if i were having underfloor heating dogan says:

Why did you install double service valve on each pipe between 20cm? or two of the non-return valve?

nickluke says:

Sounds a daft question but is it ok to tile on top of linoleum floor. It’s not the cheap stuff it really stuck down good. Just wondering as it would be so much easier than pulling it up and finding a bad floor underneath.

Paul Jordan says:

And what you think of the levelling pegs ?

Dae Dawson says:

Are 2mm spacers a bad choice for floors? Was after getting the spacing as thin as possible, have some 3s and 4s knocking around I think. Your vids are amazing pal, my bathroom has be built on them, plus the odd trader! Thanks a million!

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