How to Tile a Floor: Step by Step Instructions

Hi! Happy New Year! Im on the next step to my bathroom remodel “How to tile a floor”. Its a lot like tiling a shower. Im using a white porcelain tile with a little bit of tan in it. I took a trip to the hot springs so I feel relaxed and ready to go!!

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Combination Square:
Dremel Tool:
Dewalt Compact Drill:
Mixing Paddle:
1/4 Square Notch Trowel:
3/16″ Tile Spacers:
8″ Level:
MK 101Tile Saw:
Kneeling Pad:
Grout Float:
Grouting Sponge:
Grout Removal Tool:
Grout Sealer:
Grout Sealer Applicator:
Suede Toolbelt:

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이승호 says:

i love you

Lee Seong says:

5:33 Be careful your fingers when you use wet saw. That was too close to the blade.

jay c says:


Only Me says:

I’d like to tile her floor

Francisco Mendoza says:

Hi, what is that flooring that you fiba tape? Ty

Сергей А says:

Это круто, всё чётко, понятно и наглядно! При всей бюджетности проекта душевая (ванная) получилась весьма достойная и
удобная. Правда Нассрин половина ролика смотрел на тебя, ты красиво выглядишь Россия передаёт тебе привет)))

Cody says:

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Bob scafidi says:

You’re pretty too.

Mike Harrison says:

Next time show us the diagonal pattern.thanks.

Bum Custard says:

Wear a Bikini on your next job please …. what a f rack !!!!

Rory Taylor says:

Awesome work! What kind of nurse are you? I’m about to get my RN!

Bruce wilson says:

Very talented and beautiful thank you for the videos

Charles Head says:

It looks gud hun but you didnt center your doorway tho why .


good job. …wel done

Sterling Gardner says:

Great Job!

Dude Hey says:

I’m in the process of remodeling my bathroom. This is probably the most useful video on how to tile that I have seen.

StarrTile says:


Eli Garcia says:

What did you use to cut the round piece out of that tile so perfectly?

Азбука Ремонта says:

*Где-то я уже видел ? Ах да, “на даче жить, Ольга Зоттова”*

jorge Calvillo says:

Beautiful work and teacher..

Germain Gonzalez says:

I love your channel. Everything looks like its done properly. I wish more contractors were like you.

Radtom83 says:

So does your man do all the cooking and cleaning then?

Melo Pineda says:

Suddenly I feel like doing some tile work !!

Str8UpCampin says:

I’m a tile contractor and I watch a lot of tile videos. Mostly to amuse myself with all the hacks out there that think they can set tile. I’ve watched all your tile videos Nassrin and I can honestly say that you are definitely good for YouTube and the self help community. Thanks for giving people good informational videos!

Keith Douglas says:

You can nurse me anytime!

Дима Бенюк says:


Raul Torres says:

I would have tiled the floor first then the shower curb! 🙂

Steven Rivas says:

You didnt explain about the title chalk lines.

Steve Ryan says:

Refreshing diy!

Bruce wilson says:

A nurse and an expert DIY lady, keep up the great work

Fresh Plus says:

I’d lay that floor in 15mins just saying

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