How to tile a floor part 1: preparation

Watch our step-by-step film showing how to tile a floor, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

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Part 3: Grouting

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Jamie 2503 says:

You lot are shocking. PVA? Seriously? PVA goes live again when it gets wet even if it has already dried in therefore causing tile failure. You should be using an SBR primer. Next ready mixed floor adhesive and grout? You should be using a powered cement based adhesive to give the tile the strength it needs to support foot traffic. Once last point you really need to stock check your adhesive because most of the stuff you have on your shelves is well past it’s shelf date and therefore is as much use as a chocolate ashtray. Shocking does not come close. Total disgrace selling that to unwitting customers. Bunch of broncos.

Neil Ross says:

Had to stop watching when said they were using adhesive and grout in one.

Beta Vulgaris says:

Who are these two goons? Downthumb.

David Benson says:

I like how the wine shelf is next to the oven lol

James Baillie says:

How do I no if I need to primer. I’d rather not. I’ve got Lino at the min..thanks

Noel Kennedy says:


Ryan Juanillo says:

Hi there. Don’t you have to use a scarifier first to the floor for the adhesive to really have a good hold?

arty 56 says:

never use pva with tile adhesive ….use a proper tile primer otherwise you will end up with loose tiles

Squidelly Diddily says:

What about applying the concrete to the floor ??

petar obradov says:

how to brake the kitchen tile floor

Jim Tit says:

Dry and free from damp ?? lol.

lumpaulfrannypaddy says:

If u turned the sound off u would think the guy is rappin.

Aiman Ahmed says:


knitandcrochettogether says:

how do you get old glued lenoleum off of a floor. It seems impossible

David Benson says:

I like how the wine shelf is next to the oven lol


good lesson

Ess-69 says:

at 4:00, correct me if im wrong but isnt that method of finding the 90deg angle rely on the original line drawn in the middle to be accurate?? if so then if that line is accurate wouldnt you simply use a right angle ruler to draw a 90deg line??

Dino The Tile Kid says:

Great video…I enjoy making tile videos too. Check out some of my stuff. Thanks

Matthew Nelson says:

Did you get the tile at the Home Depot

bgm1911 says:

Your explanation on squaring the center tile is lacking.  So you found the center of the room, and then you found a right angle.  How does that help you square the first tile when the center is placed over any markings?  It would seem to me that chalk lines should be placed parallel on the X and Y axis the same distance as the dimensions on the tile.

Shanes Diamond Decorators says:

Nice work



Scahoni says:

What about a nice cut of Lino ?

theandroids says:

this wont work if your room whiles are not straight

Vane Fal says:

Lay two chalklines along diagonally opposite corners. The intersection is the centre of a rectangular area?

lonbra2012 says:

Do I have to put conduct cable below the tiles on the kitchen floor??

Jimjim Skimmer says:

Pva when using tiles. Tut tut. Amateurs. Like how you can see them reading the cue cards. Yep wine rack next to oven. Lol

R60D says:

i came.

Aiman Ahmed says:


Kaylee Namephachanh says:


slimydick23 says:

neither one of his eyes are looking at me

Jake Wagner says:

I was just fired from my job because the boss said the right way to set tile is to start in the corner wall last time i recalled iv been doing this for 6 years n always use the center

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