How to tile a bathroom/shower floor, beginners guide.Tiling made easy for DIY enthusiasts!

How to tile and grout a bathroom floor. In this beginners tutorial I show how to set out your tiles, how to cut and lay tiles, how to mix and apply adhesive, how to grout tiles and I go through the tools required for the job.

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Thanks for watching!


Jason Morgan says:


thewhippetbeans says:

Spot on this video. Nice one.

ss S says:

Very informative! How long did the whole job take, walls and floor? Do you have any recommendations for an electric tile cutter that can also cut wood – Changing blade of course.

icdiddums says:

Thanks, i have one tile on the floor which has come loose, should i still apply the adhesive to the floor rather than the back of the tile. When i lifted the tile off it looks like the adhesive was applied to the back of the tile and not the floor

Jason Morgan says:

Flipping rookie! Where in the world do you guys come up with these dumb methods of doing stuff… Comedy show

Jose Gabriel says:

thanks, Mate helpful informative DIY video

barry john jones says:

I like it when someone knows what they’re on about (well done)

Brian ONeil says:

Great DIY videos. Most notably the production is to the point. You speak at a digestible speed while visually performing the task as to not bore the audience. Some folks can’t chew bubble gum and walk at the same time. The beginner’s guide gives the viewer just enough info to generally understand what they’re signing up for and can make a confident informed decision to hire a craftsman or dive-in. Hopefully the latter.

SB88 says:

So does the tile just start from the beneath the door of the bathroom ?
and what sort of flooring is in the corridor ?

Scott bob says:

hi top videos can you do a video on how to box pipework in please

Justin Whittle says:

keep up the good work mate.. I watch all your diy videos.. they are great for learning.. thankyou

albanian oxa says:

this video is since 2016 and I find the best information!! thank you.

Ryan says:

Great video Pouse, nice and easy to understand.

Danielle Diakoff-King says:

Thanks for the tips. I start tiling my laundry room tomorrow. First time tiling ever…. hope it goes well!

Andrew Hacker says:

Is it necessary to use cement backer board on a floor or is treated plywood sufficient?

Steve potts says:

Great vid!! Do u always fit tiles before installing the toilet? Cheers

Anthony Paolella says:

Nice Work!!! Good information!!! Thank You!!

J Gonzalez says:

Watching your video cause I gotta install tile tomorrow and I need to learn how in 1 day… thanks for the info

Junior F says:

Haven’t watched it yet but I know it’s good!

Tom Barry says:

Wow something I didn’t know about, cheers very helpful

Paul Brown says:


Tacotyler1 says:

my name jeff

Jason Morgan says:

Yes I can actually

David Hannam says:

Great tutorial, but I’m more interested in those tracksuit bottoms. They look so comfy, did you get them from Sports Direct in the sale? I also saw a bit of your back when you were doing the tiling, maybe you could edit that out; just a tip.

d3891 says:

Hi… what model and brand is the wetsaw please…?

Tommy Stevens says:

Nice and easy as always. Top video.

ArgentOrangeOK says:

Pro video, man! Fixing to repair wood sub-floor, backer board, and then tile our bathroom floor. I’ll probably watch this a few more times.

Eddie Mullins says:

top class

CharlieShooters KnowHow says:

That floor scraper looks the business….where did you get that??

Still Gloatin’ says:

Umm . . . could you sort of pipe in the grout with, say, an icing type piper?

Oli Thomas says:

Mate great vid. Pretty sure I knew what I was doing but this massively cleared things up! Thanks a lot!

Russell Adams says:

Gloopy is a word. Just like glug and glop. L.O.L. Nice video. Looking forward to others.

Raymond Duke says:

Cheers mate good video i’m about to try for the first time

Tom Barry says:

Thanks for tips , customer wants me to tile s/bath just the same but previous tiler went direct onto chipboard flooring
its been nailed so tiles have come lose would 1/4 ” ply treated with Mapei Waterproofing kit do it as cement board would be to high Thanks again, such a good clear video

J L says:

Best tutorial I have seen for tiling a bathroom floor. Thank you, so much!

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