How To Tile a Bathroom Floor

Lowe’s walks you through tiling a bathroom floor step by step in this how-to video. For full project details visit

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YourBoy Qurahs says:

Tree lopping

Toast Guy says:

He looks like Steve from Blue’s Clues.

Bill Scheuernstuhl says:

The orange mat seen in this video is called Schluter Ditra and is installed over the subfloor using modified thinset.

blastard says:

can you apply mortar only to the back of the tile? I need to tile a piece of trim around my shower, and where it meets the painted wall it is only an inch thick. Would be a lot easier if I could just apply mortar to the tile and press it only the trim, instead of spreading mortar on the trim while trying not to get it on the wall.

Saidur Rahman says:


Nathaniel G says:

what if the room is not a square?

Dave Ruffin says:

Great refresher before I retile my kitchen,
Thanks guys!

Jaime Garcia Martinez says:


Eric Pyatt says:

It would be nice if you carried schluter in the stores since you have it in all of your videos.

Huan Lu says:

Is there anyone knows who is this guy?

ADN Construction says:

Thank you for this video

sasha says:

I like to put ceramic tiles in my bathroom and  replace the bathtub with a same size shower tub . what do I do first? rip the old tub out put the tiles down tile also under the new tub? or don’t I have to tile under the shower tub? should I remove also all

Shepherd // TeamTDM says:

What is special about Grout?

Charles Dawson says:

what if i have vinyl flooring, what goes down before the tile?

back up says:

nice job

anthony ardon says:

son pendejos

The stuff says:

What was the size of the tile you used,was it 12 by 12 or 13 by something, because they look pretty big

Saidur Rahman says:


Kayleeandshelly says:

Tell us in the description what we might need like til and blah ok bc I need to know wat to buy

Mr. Zexa says:

This was informative and satisfying to watch.

Shepherd // TeamTDM says:

That tile looks exactly like mine, my house was never renovated when I moved.

Bryce Peters says:

This guy gives me goosebumps when he talks. I dont know why.

Aart Sharo says:

Is he an actor?

ahmed ahmed says:

beautiful job… thank you very much… nice

Seascorp Scorpio says:

You have to wait 3 weeks before putting the toilet back on?? That seem a little long.

Malcolm Lee says:

no idea

Anthony Roberts says:

l knew something was up when me and my wife hired an individual contractor to tile our bathroom, the job is done but not how you demonstrated how it should be done.

nman2563 says:

I think it’s important to note that when using cement board as an underlayment, you should use modified mortar. The only reason to use unmodified in this case is because the Schluter Ditra system requires it.

elenakurus2010 says:

Love it

RLSgardener says:

Is that orange material a water proof membrane ? IE what to use if tile a shower floor?

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