How to Tile a Bathroom Floor with Wickes

Our How to Tile a Bathroom Floor will give you all the help and advice you’ll need to do this job well. There’s even advice on how to tile around a toilet.
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In this step-by-step video, you’ll learn how to tile a bathroom floor. From measuring and marking out the floor, evenly spacing your tiles and ensuring they’re symmetrical right through to grouting and applying sealant, we’ve broken down each stage of the process so it’s easy to digest. Follow these instructions and you’ll end up with a tiled floor that’s water-tight, level and looks great.

Preparation & planning

If you have a concrete floor, you can tile directly onto it. Timber floors needs to be strengthened with exterior-grade plywood which has been primed before tiling can begin. Tiles always need to be laid onto clean, dry and level surfaces, therefore sand and clean as necessary in both cases. Check whether your tiles need sealing, too.


After finishing your tiling project, use a grout protector spray to stop penetration by water, dirt, oil, grease and lime scale. Using this product will help to prolong the life of your grout and keep the area easy to clean.

Getting the job done – hints & tips

Make sure all surfaces are prepared before tiling. Porous surfaces should be prepared with primer before tiling. Always make sure your grout and adhesive is in date if you’re using product which has been left over from another project.


Before screwing battens into the floor, always check for pipes and wires which may be under the floor. If there are pipes or wires under the floor where you are intending to screw down battens, use pencil lines to guide your tiling.

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Drr magneto says:

tile installing is wrong to much air gap

Steve Pang says:

The final end result looked very good and professional. Overall, simple instructions for DIY. Wickes is usually professional and simple in its approach without cluttering and boasting too much, for eg trying out with part 1 to part 6 videos for a simple task. Some of the comments by dickheads need not necessarily are fair or great for you except to charge you more if they are doing the job for you. To remove an existing toilet will be a half day work alone, hopefully it won’t leak when they put it back. I am certain these tiles will be good for 10 years plus.

javier garcia says:

good job boys. .

m s says:

11:25 tiles under toilet

tony morgan says:


Please enter name says:

The only thing that is good about this video is his idea of the paper template. Everything else is not well thought out

1181steveo says:

NO..NO…NO….this is not at all the proper way to install tile…

Owen Clarke says:

So I suppose if you change your toilet down the road, it would need to have the exact same base profile. Such weirdness. Always remove fixtures before tiling folks!

Tile Fixer says:


PilotVBall says:

Horrible instructions! The toilet should sit on top of the new tile floor.

RAVEN AK47 says:

Ideally if getting a new bathroom suite,do your tiling first then it’s a neater finish same with skirting added afterwards so it’s fed underneath like laminated flooring

vapdivrr says:

seriously? bad video

7.62 full metal says:

never dril a batten onto the floor as shown , you will be penetrating your floor waterproofing which is retarded, in fact take your battens and burn them , just snap a chalk line along the floor and make sure you use the 3, 4 , 5 method to square your first run to the centre line.

Fruity Kitchen says:

Really nice work!! I wanna try this myself 😀

Heder Satilan says:

Good tops sir


Why dont you just take the toilet out and tile underneath instead of tiling around it?

Rohullah Yaqubi says:

Makes hard mate tiling is too easy

Austin lawnmower men Lund Lawnmower man says:



He didn’t waterproof the bathroom first???

Esteban D'Angelo says:

sooooooo many mistakes

Bill Jones says:

Never. Never tile around a toilet or pedestal sink. Install those AFTER tile is installed.

Andrey Sheyfer says:

I can’t believe this is instructional video on how to install tile. this guy obviously has no clue as to what he’s doing and that bathroom is already screwed six ways to Sunday. people please don’t take any advice from this guy.

ash wednesday says:

Surely hire a wet tile cutter out.

Christopher Sewell says:

Hi I was looking to go for apprentice business card buy need a job

Sophia Kang says:

OMG he made every possible mistake I can think of and learned not to before my first ever job

Christopher Sewell says:

My phone number is +61400314659

Colby Saigeon says:

batton would be useless if your tiles are not truely square which 90% arent

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