How to Tile a Bathroom Floor – This Old House

Installing a new mosaic-tile floor with contractor Angelo McRae. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Install a Glass Tile Backsplash:

How to Repair a Shower Valve in a Tile Wall:

How to Set Tile:

Shopping List for Tiling a Bathroom Floor:
– mosaic floor tile
– fortified thin-set mortar
– tile grout

Tools List Tiling a Bathroom Floor:
– drill/driver with mixing paddle and bucket
– notched trowel
– rubber float
– utility knife
– wet saw, used to cut tile
– margin trowel, for mixing grout
– grout sponge
– clean rag

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cliff lowe says:

terrible. what a joke. I do tile. And this is a freakin joke. if you want your tiles popping out within a year. listen to this retard.

Darek Kmievik says:

the trowel is to big. he should use 1/8 ” trowel

Let My Goyim GO!!! says:

It’s disgusting when people have tiny tiles on bathroom floors. Good luck keeping clean the massive amounts of disgusting grout in the future..

George Denbrough says:

I like how his sheets are perfect. I have never had sheet tile that was that perfect. I also like how he couldn’t do that room in a day.

FunkyWeezy says:

Why not show the whole process?

WideAwakeism says:

No Red Guard?

asdamusic says:

Great job…

Liang Wen Qiang says:

good job


Real pro work here. Nice job and procedure . Thanks.

Flying Guitars says:

How on earth Do FKN keep a white floor clean…

Danny Muir says:

!/4″ square notch, wrong choice pan back at the video 25% of the grout joints full of mortar,he layed out the tile at the skirt of the tub full tile,what happens when he tiles the skirt of the tub full tile is gone.Spend a day pulling out thinset between joints and popping off tiles during the process.3|6 v notch tapping lightly.

james o keeffe says:

waterproofing no where to be seen

Devon Nela says:

Worse job ever

Tile Artist says:

he can talk really good agree

nygolfaddict72 says:

Not sure why you would tile the floor before the drywall was mud, taped and finished?

Andi Sanchez says:

why does he have to try to be iced out when he suppose to be working … really guy??

Danny M says:

“How to make tile crack in the future” would be a better title. You need a anti-fracture membrane!!

C Seager says:

Is it ok to tile directly on top of concrete? Or is it bc the tiles are so small that there is less chance of cracking.

john smith says:

I can’t tell if the black dude is a chick or a dude, sounds like a woman?

Doug Celeste says:

It would have been VERY helpful if they would have also shown the second part dealing with applying the grout instead of Angelo just talking about it.

Julian Knödler says:

Tiling a floor before the walls are closed 😀

will c says:

what tool cuts those small tiles? I mean, I know large tiles, but i dont if you can use the same tile cutter for smaller connected tiles

Gel g says:

well done. good video.

OTC says:

Like the tile guy, he is cool and explains it really good!

fatguy1121 says:

So much work to install the worlds ugliest tile.

Luis Lopez says:

Bro! You sound amazing to work with!! My boss is currently teaching me and he has no patience!! He tells me things like I’ve been doing the job for years

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