how to lay large format tiles without using a self-levelling compound

this video shows how to lay large tiles on an unprepared , uneven concrete screeded floor without using a self levelling compound.
The Superspreader used in this video has been redesigned to incorporate a fold-over which reinforces the spreader and alleviates the necessity to apply any further reinforcement as mentioned in the video. If you click on the card icon in the top corner of the video a further video is revealed showing me explaining the changes. the Superspreader can be purchased at


Victor Supreme says:

Fantastic! Nothing better than learning from an old hand. Thank you!

Rozy Kodox says:

Awesome…very nice uncle…hhhh

béber daurado says:

Le dos le dos le dos!!!!!!!!

mohamed abd el hamid says:

Greetings to you from Egypt

Muhamammad Faheem says:

very nice work

LooseThe DogOfWar says:

It’s great except he’s not pressing down with a lateral side pressure to flatten the ridges of the mud and it’s leaving air between the tile and the mud which is preventing it from being as strong as possible and leaves too much of an opportunity for weak spots especially in high traffic areas. I hate to be critical but it’s just the way it needs to be done.

Floarea Ivanus says:

Love your technique! Straight forward for any beginner! Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

Walid Bouafia says:

nice job …..this is amazing

Sonny Wilson says:

very good job sir looks great

BIG BOSS says:

its amazing how many experts of tile there are…. he’s laying the tile in the best way possible. there are videos where they lay glass on different spreads and this is the best way.

Anne Gray says:

Well done Sir..

Jaime Chacón Durán says:

Great job, thanks, you make look this so easy

PoppaDuck says:

The man is brilliant

Charles Y says:

I love closed captioning

anilparmarkali says:

Very nice work

Mo Amir says:

thank you sir, a very informative video.

Nikolaos Tsarmpopoulos says:

Very good job.

bTzuR says:

I like the tips and I liked the person. Thanks buddy! great guy, great tips!

claton blade says:

great idea! but scratch the floor and flash the tile first so you get a bond

Mark Hedington says:

Absolutely incredible to watch!

Juliano & Madeline Brunório says:

time consuming???? this gentleman is showing the ‘homeowners’ how to do tile clean easy end simple ,,,now if you are a professional tile setter you don’t need to watch this video and keep working don’t waste your time here

faithlovescakes says:

I’m tiling 20 years .. and never seen this before …. this is stupid.and Time consuming…. … I wish i would have floors this good to tile .. id be a millionaire

Alfredo Paez says:

You are the best, I learn something today❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

mirwais70 says:

MANY MANY thumbs up ! I loved the idea… I am sure there is a few phases where you would have to leave the tiles to dry before you can use it as a track…

Jasonjj Wright says:

The neatest tile master I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the soap and silicone trick. Bravo!

ensoniq2k says:

The empty space under the first tile of every row really bothers me. Otherwise a very handy technique. I’m just doubting if it is any cheaper than leveling the floor before you start. You really need a very high amount of tile adhessive

Mcnaughton says:

this man inspire me alot… nice work

Jorge Calderon says:

Wow! This is truly amazing.where can one pick up that spreader?

great kingkay says:

You need a long pole to make it function like a rake old man . You will break your back bones that way. a very good idea though.

Kerry Dangerfield says:

Good method but time consuming fair play ode geeza

khantiffany says:

Hello, Thanks for the video, but why not just use self-leveling compound?

Giovana Rodrigues says:

q lindo travajo

tim wilkinson says:

4.58 – He farted !!

Petero Obama K says:

Great job papa

Boris B. says:

Now I definitely know how to Jesus looks

JediDojo says:


Rohan Kumar says:


Adrew Dio says:

This is a great idea for spreading mortar for tile as long as the floor is level first so I would use a self leveling floor concrete or metal lathe with concrete or add a aggregate to the mix for a large pitch such as one and a half to two inches depending on how much of pitch is on that floor if its for concrete. For wood, I’d add the self leveling compound, make sure it’s level, then use the waterproofing membrane or waterproofer over the concrete, then add either a fiberglass product over it for extra protection or just use the water proofer, then the mortar or adhesive, then the tile and grout, then the tile sealer. Great idea for working in a tight area though so I give you credit for that.

churras0028 says:

And ta-ran after one year you finish jajajajaja

brian geffry says:

Old people know everything.. you might be doing a million years..perferct

Stephen Daniels says:

Terrible system, don’t use it. Not only are the tiles barely attached to the floor, you’ll ruin your back. Kneepads are your friends.

Jesus Christ says:

This is linear thinking, a trait peculiar to the master race.

Guillermo Castro Bravo says:

Roy southby I really enjoyed this video every minute! the way you set up the tile shows me you have a great system to level the tile quiet well!! thanks for sharing with all of us who do this type of work!! a lot of people would rather die and take their secrets to the grave than share as well as you did! thank you sir! great job! may God give you a longer life so that you may continue to make more videos and continue to share with us! God bless you!!

suckmythumb78 says:

Robert Duvall great actor and great tiler.

Michael says:

Pretty damn impressive

ugo casaburi says:

amazing video..

Fernando Ecamp says:

good trick. thanks for sharing

JUDI GAR says:

You are the man, a master, clean work, uniform clean bright shoes, and an iron back, you could give some lessons to many of these tile masters an big mouth


Large porcelain tile needs at least a 1/2 inch trowel because of the cupping of large tile.The way this guy is doing takes twice the time and when he is finished he will have a hollow floor that wont last a year.

MAK UK says:

wonderful boss

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