How To Install Wood Look Tile

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Joel says:

I’m assuming these membranes and whatnot are only needed for a wood subfloor, and not for a concrete slab.

SmokeyALCO says:

Do not use the “L” word Level. Use the “F” word Flat.

JJ Martinez says:

In ten years when I decide I want something else, how do I remove all this from a concrete foundation?

Allen Jones says:

Are there any pros and cons on using the membrane when installing this flooring directly on concrete?Also, if installing the flooring prior to any baseboards being installed, do you still leave 1/4″ gap along the walls for expansion w/o the membrane?

BriGuyGarage says:

Holy jeebus. It looks great, but what a tedious job that was

Kobra Bite says:

Lol this is a joke, stop scaring people Lowe’s.!!!!!!

adobe doug says:

Mark my words: In less than ten years “wood look” tile will be regarded as ” so 2016 “


Does anybody know the name of the tile that was use in this video????

Nanocean 13 says:

I worked with floor guys for like 4 years. And all we do is use the thin set, to level out. Then just Mortar, tile the grout. Then finished. You do let have to use all this. But it helps longevity past like 6-8 years.

Yamin Khan says:

hats off to you all guys…. you guys are awesome… thank you for teaching us.

hello says:

You guys make it look too easy!

b says:

I’ll just buy another house…

No Sleep says:

Very professional… can I hire that guy in the video? lol

Albert Otero says:

what off set did you use in the installation of this tile? I’ve been reading on this, and every thing says to use  a 1/3 off set? but in this video is not really in any kind of set pattern.

Dennis Mix says:

Really serious scratching here. Also, move the grout at a 45 degree angle, not parallel to the tile…nice video though!

ventende says:

You lost me at 0:14. Think I’ll just trim the bushes instead.


I want to install this kind of tile in my living room, but it is in the middle of the house, we have to go through it to go to the bedrooms, to the kitchen, to the back door, and the front door. My concern is that I already know it’s going to take me several days to finish, and it is going to be a nightmare while in the process, trying no to step on it. Any ideas on how to deal with that with 5 adults and 2 dogs in the house?

TONY says:

This is the correct way to install . Prep is not over kill this is the way and the correct way to have a long lasting tile job . This is how my company been doing it for 18 years and still going strong no call back perfect installation . Great video. Do it this way you’ll never have grout cracking loose tiles . And installing this type of floor always grout seal the tile before grouting let it dry then grout clean then seal your grout .

Nun Urbuisness says:

honestly why are people so lazy always paint someone else $100 an hour. doing it yourself is also a point of pride

Jermal mccall says:

Thats a lot of work . I guess I’ll have to get Armondo and the boys for this job.

Your Ego says:

Whoa. Thought I’d try this myself. Def not


it is all about selling more materials

Ktonrider says:

Doing my living room and dining room starting tomorrow. 400 square feet. It’s very hard work and I totally understand why the labor costs so much money

joshua galvan says:

buy flooring at home depot they install it for free

Kelly Fivecoat says:

They make it look so simple. Actually, I make it look easy. This stuff is heavy and hard to get even. It your floor is uneven there might be little you can do to “level” it. I’ve seen grocery stores ground and filled for 6 weeks to make them 1/8″ in 6 feet. Of course I’ve been doing this for 31 years and have done 50 grocery stores not to mention numerous other custom jobs requiring certification.

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