How to install mosaic tiles

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Mosaic tiles are small tiles used for many purposes, among them the creation of images, the addition of focal points on a particular wall or floor section, etc. In this case we are using them to help us maintain a nice inclination toward the drain of a shower as well as grip. Measure the area and determine how many sheet of tiles you will need, cut the areas from the sheet that will seat over the drain with a knife to easily place the rest of the sheet around the drain, using a snap cutter or a small wet saw cut all the small pieces and install them individually if necessary. to avoid excessive amounts of cement from coming through the tiles use a robber trowel or any other medium size flat trowel to help maintain a strait and even surface. Put special attention to the small tiles around the drain, you want them to be just above the drain surface, avoid sharp edges that can cut you feet. Clean the excess cement with a small tool, nail or screw and wipe the remaining cement with a cleaning sponge. Once the cement is dried, finish cleaning any extra cement and apply the grout. The grout should be a bit loose when poured over the tiles so it can penetrate well in all the crevasses. Allow the grout to dry and wipe it with clean water.


Troy D says:

Would be nice to know what size notch trowel you used.

Wayne Meador says:

Good information +Hugo Correa, thanks for the great video!

Donna B says:

Looks nice.

DailyBrusher says:

Gracias, Senor Hugo! Me gusta!

Noel Nunez says:

Nice job

Doug Still says:

I’ve always heard them referred to as “Penny Mosaic”. Pretty sure the tile store will understand in either case. Great video, as for cleaning excess thinset from between tiles, I find an old toothbrush dipped in water does wonders.

Tim Zzz says:

great video I appreciate you addressing the excess thinset issue, which is to me the most aggravating part of small mosaics


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Stomp says:

Thank you for posting! I am just about finished with my bathroom renovations your videos helped through out the build. You make it look easy and quick.

nester6662 says:

For future reference that’s penny tile not mosaic. Nice work btw try to Stager your sheets in some cases you’ll end up with lines after grouting

David Denny says:

Thanks. I am about to put down my bathroom floor in one inch hexagons and this your video answered my questions perfectly!

Jasper Smith says:

thanks great video

Grizzly says:

No water proofing????? FAIL!

Craig Pretzinger says:


Terri Poposky says:

Great technique! Thanks for the video.

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