How to install ceramic tiles on a floor

To install ceramic or porcelain tile in a proper, fast, strait and faster way, some easy steps can be taken. I am teaching in this comprehensive video what many professionals do to ensure quality


Rosella Marani says:

too much talk !!!

Moris Ventura says:

nicely explained Hugo keep up the good work

Dave Raybould says:

Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge. Health and happiness to you my friend!

Mr.Winter spirit says:

thnxs man for the video

Miguel Jimenez says:

comprese unas rodilleras

Flash says:

My eyes!!! AAAAHhHHHH

Frank Koyt says:

I think I see a Crack appearing lmao

The traveller says:

This video helped me a lot !! Thank you

lita bug says:

thanks for the vid.  I need to lay ceramic tile in three carpeted bedrooms.  (stupid mistake putting in carpet with kids and animals!!)  and I just LOVE the comment at 6:40!  great video.

Eddyboy Pagano says:

talk to much show hows it done

walter marks says:

the thin set mortar is to thin to wet it will shrink and the tiles should always be covered with thin set on the inner side with a flat trowel before setting the tile on the floor

Charles Runyon says:

Thanks, great idea on fridge and oven, too late for me but will remember for next project. Funny that anyone can be a critic but where are their links to their videos? Listen not to the critics Who put their own dreams on the shelf, from his Garthnis ha, thanks again

Sonia Hernandez says:

good video!!!!! 🙂

Corey Mcniel says:

I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.

R C says:

Hi Hugo, I’m planning to replace vinyl flooring with porcelain tile and when I lifted off the vinyl I found a yellow thick glue underneath. Not sure if it was another tile but looks like thick hard glue. I’m afraid it might have asbestos. Vinyl is less than 10 years old. Not sure what to do next. Is it possible to cover that yellow glue with 1/4″ cement board? If I do that then the floor will rise. What are your recommendations? Thanks!!

Tamjidul Abedin says:

this is a great video, might try a tile out now.on my own!! plus your accent and your talk is perfectly fine, you explained it all so clearly and easily, ignore everyone else

Darrny H. says:

What mix did you use to stick the tiles to the floor.

I am just a poor boy says:

I still see some crack…

Kalkin Haresh says:

what is he doing? putting tiles on top of cardboard?

Hugo Booo says:

This guy talks too much and his accent is soo horrible pls shut up!!!

Carlos Alberto says:

Very helpful, for a beginner like me who wants to tile my room

John Woodhouse says:

nice plumbers crack

Cordelia Blakeslee says:

do it yourself , go to woodprix page and learn how .

Nirmanakaya says:


Aaron V Gonzalez says:

what’s sup with the butt crack. but that shit away.

ozzy says:

not using a floor trowel….

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