How to install ceramic or porcelain tiles

In this full project video, I am trying to go through the process of installing porcelain tiles in a bathroom, the beautiful wood pattern on a piece of tile, makes the bathroom look very classical. Follow the steps and enjoy your new floors!!!
Thank you.
I strongly encourage you to mix your grout with this acrylic solution to avoid stains and mold: (affiliate)


Mece rad says:

Great video, very helpful!

Gofast22 says:

Thanks for the video! Don’t forget to cement your backer board.

Marble Pimp says:

lolol first time my friend

gabriel garcia says:

Hi Hugo. Nice job on the video. I have a question, I tried putting tile down my room but for some reason it’s no balance. What should I do to get it balanced?

Jung Bechtold says:

I am sure you can still buy handbook with all info you need on woodprix. Just google it.

JW 1 says:

professional, nice work very impressive fun to watch, can’t wait to do my own floor.

Don Jose Rmirez says:

Sometimes you have company over and you dont want bitches getting their red bottoms stuck, triping and shit.

Maida Dutcher says:

I checked a lot of woodworking handbooks. Those from woodprix are the best. says:


Ask This Old Tile Man says:

Has you can see.not following the tile application need to run 1/3 of the tile. joint are going down the center,they are not staggered. Try to save material

Kide Boy says:

Nice video brother. I have one question, is it okay to use normal cement to fix porcelain tyles? or must use the white glue cement?

Mary Sue says:

Help me Hugo.
I’m ready to install “wood look” ceramic planks with sand less mortar.  No grout !!
How do I us it?  Can you tell us how?

TAC-Z says:

Great tip about making your grout mixture runny to fill in gaps under the corners of the tile.

Rammers says:

Why did you lay the Durock on top of the foundation? I thought you could just lay tile on top of the concrete. Great vids…thanks

Hugo Correa says:


maximumcorruption says:

Do the tiles get scratched up while you are rubbing the grout into the tiles at the end?
It’s sounds really abrasive and I would be worried about damaging the new tiles.

Justin Gallisdorfer says:

Do you remember what tile that is and where you got it?

gandyands says:

Excellent video. Thanks

R C says:

Hi Hugo- Thanks for the expert advice on how to install porcelain tiles.

Can you provide a more detailed list of tools and materials that you used to accomplish this task? Thanks!!

Logan Smith says:

”pepe amazing plan” (Google it) is an incredible book about woodworking. I took numerous classes and completed a 1 year diploma in carpentry at a local tech college; this is much better than any book I worked out of during those classes. It describes everything regarding woodworking and complements it with useful pictures.

Nathan Thom says:

I love your voice and I think you are Very Smart!
Nice job; I’m ready to try a small area of the closet of a very similar tile for our new Mudroom & Closet addition.

calijan25 says:

So much for staggering joints!!!

Gruas en Venta says:

Hugo, nice installation video. very specific. I have a couple questions: What is the smaller gap you can use between tiles? And, in many HD and Lowes tile reviews they blast this wood looking porcelain as Fading within a year and  arriving with too many imperfections(chips) and bowed tiles. Have you had any of this problems? we are about to install 2300sqft and this issues are critical.

Rodrigo Valenzuela says:

1/2 each thinsite???

A Khan says:

Dude, you have an accent but better vocabulary than 99% of Americans and definitely better than their lying President with tiny hands

Peter Jolles says:

Hugo – thank you very much. I appreciate the walk-through. Thank you.

Ran Chen says:

i hate your voise and you are stupid

geovane nery says:

tu é br?

Andres Gomez says:

Muy instructivo el video! Bien explicado y de gran ayuda. Gracias Hugo!

Angel Vazquez Jr says:

Advise People to use Rubber gloves when removing Grout, it will save their fingers!

Sc00byGaming says:

I’m looking to renovate my downstairs apartment to make it more appealing to renters. Will I need a concrete board to install these tiles since the floor is not wood? Would this kind of tiling even be good for that kind of ground? It’s not even all around the room.

David Garza says:

Nice video. I had some installed recently and it didn’t come out the way I thought. The grout was too light. Can you change the grout color without re grouting? Also what spacing do you recommend for wood plank tiles?


are the spacers necessary or could the tiles be touching each other?

Mary K says:

What color Grout and name of tile?

Alexis Hernandez says:

Vales para pura madre

Jungleman savetheforest says:

wow excellent choice of tiles these are some of the best i´ve seen yet!!!

Mathew Perry says:

Thanks Hugo…very helpful !

Liala Rami Farhaneh says:

can you polish this kind ceramic?

Jayden Redd says:

This is undoubtedly the best woodworking book I`ve ever read, “pepe amazing plan” (Google it). The book contains eye-catching images as well as drawings and also reader-friendly text. This is a “must have” woodworking book because everything you need to know about wood working is found here and it really guides you throughout the topic well.

whatburnout says:

Hugo am glad to see you tape your joints.did not see if you thinset rock.hugo screw should be at lease 6in at butt joints and at the center 8 in.

whatburnout says:

Hugo am glad to see you tape your joints.did not see if you thinset rock.down. hugo screw should be at lease 6in at butt joints and at the center 8 in.

Cindi Robbins says:

Great insight on this site☺ Thank you
I have a ? Our contractor (who has been so slow) has informed me that it’ll be over 3 weeks to install a 24×6 porcelain tile plus extra for dark grout. The condo has been gutted, 1850 sq ft ready to go, is that normal?

Erick Aguayo says:

Hugo you are fucking retarded you don’t no Shit about tile first day huh buddy. Wow

Myvintageiron7512 says:

Hi what thickness was your durock board

Roddy Da says:

How big are the grout joints on these tile?

Jorge Landeros says:

Hi, thanks for the video, you mentioned something about thinking a way out before start installing the tiles and that’s important, my question is, can I install one half of the room first because I’m thinking to put one in my kitchen but if I do all at the same time I would not have a way to cross from one side of the house to the other side and even cooking. So can I do one part then com back when done and do the other part?

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