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Installing a ceramic tile floor typically follows a series of basic steps, and ceramic tile can be installed over just about any type of subfloor. Join host Jeff Wilson as he demonstrates the basics of installing a ceramic tile floor.

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anthony star says:

very informative

Les Films Mas Korpo says:

How about not seeing your face all the time and use cutaways, inserts  and  reverse shots to actually show how it’s done completely useless

tileformiles says:

I won’t criticize the installer, but just look at that discoloration on the grout!! Don’t use cement grout!! But if you do, use ‘permacolor’ or ‘prism’.

ian conde says:

ugly job

Lorraine says:

Why do you use a sub floor? If I have a concrete floor do I need a sub-floor? Thanks for sharing!

Michael Bourg says:

I find is useful to use a side grinder with a 4″ diamond blade. Make all cuts outside. I use a pallet to set my durock above the soil or driveway. It is also a good idea to snap lines every 36-1/8″ for a thinset line for each board. This keeps thinset from drying that may have been spread past the board. Also, a automatic feed screw gun (Senco) is 5 times faster to install screws. B&H Tile and Stone Group

S Shan says:

Amazing video! I’ll use this as my Bible when I decide to do some flooring work on my house.


I think this is great….

William Thomas says:

thanks for the video

Captivator2120 says:

This is a helpful free flooring calculator I use myself. Should help somebody with their project.
This calculator will help you total up the material needed for a flooring job, and if you do get a bid, you can check your contractors math and charges. Its a free android app that I use. I am a floor layer for a living. Ask me anything.

Declan Treacy says:

a bit complicated for a diyer. but nice video thanks for sharing.

All Tile says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing and doing it right way. I see people installing it on plywood all the time. I guess more work later for us.

Seutatia Telesia Solomona-Aveau says:

so complicated all I wanted was a simple way of laying it out the procedures and cheaper

Edward Short / The Hoosier Craftsman says:

The look of the tile looks great.

Max King says:

use a nail gun and regular ardex to lay it, tape not needed

Rob Hernandez says:

Yes it is..I will be bypassing the cement board.

thank you and best wishes

Max King says:

mad bow in the floor

Seth says:

Make sure an back butter all the tile and put extra on the corners. If a dolly ever goes across a corner it could break off. Takes more time but makes a world of difference!

Green Power Farm says:

really good video on tile ! Thumb up!!

DAL Builders Inc says:

Great video with its easy to follow instructions and clear process. 

Zer0eher0e says:

using the bags is more time consuming and you’re not really pushing the grout into the joints. not practical for a decent size job. with a good grout float you dont leave much excess on the tile and its easy to clean off.

Amanda W. says:

this guy is not a flooring installer…

Jeremiah J says:

thanks for the tips

KTOProductions says:

you dont sand the concrete board mortar?

George Grigoras says:

This guy knows how to install tiles, But…This is not what he does daily,
1. The video is too long for such of a work.
2. ALWAYS at the entrance has to be full tile.
3 Grouting metod not professional.
4. Uses the sponge the wrong way ( never clean grout in a straight line, but Rounded ).
5. when mixing thinset/grout, always put the thinset/gout in the water, not the water over the mixture.

How long takes to this guy to install a floor like that?
Drawings and other things like that, take a long time, you have to have you pattern in your mind.
More professional that way.

Anthony Matheson says:

For the grouting I used one of those icing piping bags they use for cakes. Less grout needed, less of a mess, same results as far as I know. Thanks for the tips on setting the subfloor properly to make it durable

A P says:

Borya Gavriel, if you do this for a living I am not going to hire you as a contractor. Why would you not do a better job for your customer? You just need to do the job and take their money?

Xin Tan says:

Forgot to gourt sealer

Borya Gavriel says:

what is the main reasons that you use cement board? your subfloor looks in good condition. 

raheem F says:

I have no tool in my shop lol

Jeremy Rys says:

@5:42 it shows him standing on tile he just recently set. Normally one should wait about 4-8 hours for the mortar to fasten up before standing on, walking across, or grouting newly set tile. The pressure will disturb the tile and create an uneven floor.
Also not shown is the process of laying and building up tile where needed to ensure a flat and level floor. This floor looks like new construction, but a lot of remodel jobs deal with floors which may not be so level or flat… In this case it takes some TLC and often pulling up and resetting tiles to get them to lay flat. Proper floor prep can minimize the difficulty of this job.

cagammon says:

I’ll pay a pro instead..

home builders says:

waw very nice

Sachin kumar raj Nayak says:

Sachin the same time

GERARDO c says:

You suck installing tile you should always put complete pcs by the entry door so it looks better.

Rob Hernandez says:

I have a concrete floor why do i need to use a cement board?

PhotovidzManiak Explore says:

Nice floor french pattern

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