How To Install A 6 By 36 Porcelain Floor Tile


This time Jeff shows you how to turn off the main water supply line to your home. It’s very important to do this before attempting any work on the plumbing!

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Hector Carrasquillo Sr. says:

When using the “6 x 24”. What off set do you use I see you used, 1/3, 2′, and a whole tile.

Dale Weseman says:

No backer board? Back buttering your tile is a must but if you cross your notches like that you create air pockets. Keep your notches going the same direction will prevent this.

Mark Gonzalez says:

I can’t believe the use of that random chalk line you made. I know it’s a small area. I know everyone works differently. Ppl trust their methods. I would have just use half inch. Then just smear on the back. Set a straight line of tiles as a height guidance. Them use a level and at the end put a normal tile and a spacer over it to set it as guidance. So it’s not level but straight. Idk. Different ideas

Dexter J F Chesney says:

Put rigbt on plywood is that good. If you do on ply ull need 10000 screws

jose rodriguez says:

No backer board? hummmm

Paige says:

Job turned out great! I have a new remodel/flip coming up in two weeks. Unfortunately, this house has floor joist that are 24 inches apart. The tile I am using is 12 x 24. The floor is a tad bouncy, there are wood floors and then 1/2 plywood on top of that, how thick does the sub floor have to be in this situation? I will be using 1/4 Wonderboard Lite.

Henry Lopez says:

What size spacers did you use? Since the tile is not rectified I thought the minimum size one can use is 1/8.

Matthew Murray says:

Do you recommend using thinset between the cement board/hardie backer. And what thinset do you recommend for the tile itself. By the way your videos are extremely helpful.

Jamie Murphy says:

Ha ha what a joke you can’t see the string line what’s the point of that then

Brian Thornton says:

Your response was much appreciated to critique. There are always multiple ways to achieving desired goal. Of course, there are incorrect methods as well. Thanks for showing alternative methods for a particular budget.

Rhothmen Erickson says:

As a professional tile installer I would never lay tile on plywood. Use leveling clips, schluter dita and you will have a perfect floor everytime. I am the one that gets called to fix floors, showers and Backsplashes done by guys that use those dated methods. If the customer doesn’t want to pay to do it right, don’t do it.

R&S plastering theplasterman says:

“sexy” explanation no bs just pure info thanks for the videos

Jesus Trujillo//Tile Installer the Old School Way says:

Don’t you have to waterproof the wood floor first

Bev Bry says:

you said you normally don’t use spacers . do you guarantee uniform spaces ? I am having my bathroom tiled , and I don’t think spacers were used because some tiles have no space in between . Don’t see how I can mention this to contractor seeing that tile is set.

Eric Jimenez says:

thanks for the tips. im installing a similar tile in restroom. Do you have a video of the finished restroom?

Grampamurked says:

NEVER tile directly over a wood subfloor.

Amar patel says:

What is the mortar that you used?

Katherine Pare says:

Where did you get this flooring? It’s beautiful 🙂

George Grigoras says:

Installed directly on Plywood?

mickyunit says:

Nice instruction. I’m getting ready to attempt 24×6 wood look tile over concrete slab. Does the 1/3 offset apply to this as well? I’m planning to use 1/8 spacers and thin set, is there a specific trowel size you recommend? thanks!

Eric Sanchez says:

relatively new?? Been around for 20 years if not more. I mean are you referring to the Egyptians??

Carl Bin says:

Really enjoy your channel and the demeanor in which you explain the process. I have dealt with alot of contractors before and many of them seem to become agitated when ask why something is done a certain way as opposed to a diffrent way. Thats probably why the DYI market has gotten so big. Many homeowners don’t want to deal with them.

musaddiquechowdhury jumel says:

Hi I buy a house and I want to tiled in my front porch,I already buy porcelain tile for this , what type cement I can use under tile and my porch is concrete too

Lyn Barnes says:

Love the 2×4 box with screws. Very smart. I like “old School”

John B says:

Wow what a hack! No backer board?? And the plywood is filthy. Terrible just terrible

Center Cut Studio says:

Thanks for the clear instructions. This was a very helpful video as I’m about to embark on a similar small project.

Robguru says:

Good thing the invented “leveling” systems to help with those bowed planks…I’m surprised you didn’t install Ditra 1st. I’m not digging a floor right outside a shower area not being protected by a membrane. 😉

douglas roblin says:

Wish I had seen this before I did my kitchen.  Watched plenty of vids but learned more from this.  Almost ready to start the dining room.


I can’t get around the fact that u didn’t used backer board. I been setting tile for a while now and never have I seen that.but I’m sure there many different ways of doing it.

Henry Lopez says:

what size trowel did you use?

Eric Sanchez says:

Concrete Backer board screwed down every 6 inches on the subfloor and tile with thin set. tried and trued formula for years and years of a finished durable product.

j jones says:

great presentation, short & informative

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